Weight gain in first Trimester

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SweetBabyT Posts: 103
Hi girls :wv , Just wondering if any of you out there would like to share your weight gain experience in the first trimester. Im 7 weeks and have already gained 3 - 4 lbs, just wondering whats normal, im not overweight (yet!!!) but am freaking out that im putting it on very fast. Im also ridiculously bloated & constipated (sorry TMI!!) so this is hardly helping the situation. My boobs seem to be doing most of the growing & my god the pain!! Im very large chested as it is (28FF) so i dread to think what size they'll be by the end of the pregnancy :o0 Would appreciate it if anyone else would like to share how they are finding things :o0
PrincessJasmine Posts: 221
From what I've read everyone is different, I'm just 16 weeks and I haven't put on any weight yet but I've started getting thicker around my middle in the last two weeks. I've read that some put it on early & then not near the end & others don't put on any weight until the fifth month & continue to gain until the end. I wouldn't worry too much, as long as you eat healthy & don't go crazy on the junk food.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I had put on about 10 pounds since I came off the pill which depressed me as is and now I am 16 weeks pregnant I've put on about 7lbs-8lbs already and I am getting a nice little belly on me & as you said my chest is RIDICULOUS!!! Jordan would be envious of me right now!!!
Mari yay Posts: 4045
I don't focus too much on what I've put on, but in the first few weeks the bloating is quite uncomfortable. Make sure you're getting the right food to help with the constipation and alot of water as well. Some of your weight gain could be the bloating so try not to get too worked up about it you might find it will even out.
Twirl Posts: 5598
I lost about 4lbs and didnt put on anthing until nearer 20 weeks but everyone is different. Now i have turned into a junk food junkie, i cannot get enough chocolate into me but my weight gain is still ok. Once your not going crazy eating take-aways all the time you should be grand. i indulged in a cream bun most weekend, chocolate bar every day but i ate and im still eating absolutely loads of fruit. Actually i just remembered, chocolate was the one thing i didnt like the taste of for the first trimester, but it all changed after that. :o0 If you find you are gaining too quickly just cut back on the sweet stuff and indulge more in some veg and fruit. I would eat about 3-4 apples a day, some melon and an orange. I was never bloated or constipated in the beginning or at any stage so maybe this helped me too. AS for my boobs, i must be a strange one as i started with 34Fs and i am wearing a bigger size back but thats it, they seem to have stayed the same size, though Dh thinks they have got bigger. Dont worry about your boobs getting bigger, they may not. You are tiny anyway by the sounds of it ( not in the boob department though ) so dont worry about your weight. The recomended is 2.5 stone but im sure if you go slightly over its fine. I have 3 weeks to go and i still havent put on 2 stone and i must have eaten about 50 stone in weight in chocolate.
MiniBlingfor2012 Posts: 673
I'm hoping it's normal! I am 11 weeks now and have about 6 pounds on me. In fairness I was eating rings around me for the first few weeks when I felt awful and only thing helping was eating. This has calmed down now so am back to normal and back walking and that so no more has gone on. My Mam said the same that some women put on early but that it evens out and the main thing is to be conscious of not overeating and not stress about it. My hips have filled out and I never held weight here before so I suppose it's just my body changing. All we can do I suppose is try and eat healthy and listen to our bodies. I hear you on the bb's front though, mine are ginormous and the bra shopping is commencing this weekend as only have 2 that fit anymore (on the loosest hook) Watch out Pammy/Jordon etc!!!! :-8
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
I put on a good 10 or so pounds in the first trimester- way over the average but I controlled the sickness through grazing all day. I was also very bloated and felt horrible. Now at 40 weeks have less than 2 stone on me (lower side of normal) so it all balanced out- everyone is different so don't worry. Also the bloating etc stopped after the first trimester and once I got a proper bump I looked & felt so much better. My boobs also didn't get any bigger after about week 15.
SweetBabyT Posts: 103
Thanks girls for all the advice. I am eating healthily, plenty of fruit & veg & still drinking about 3 litres of water a day. I suppose i do tend to indulge in the odd few biscuits after dinner, whereas before i wouldnt touch them. Im not allowed do any exercise until i get to the 12 week mark, so im hoping that once i get to this point and can get back into a routine of walking etc again that my weight should even out then. I also think this is one of the main reasons for the constipation as id always have been very active. Anyway i wont stress about it, weight can always be lost again one LO is born x :thnk
mapaco Posts: 103
hi all! :wv congrats :o)ll terrified posting an making a ticker in case i jinx everything. i'm ravenous! dont know if its all in my head tho! eating massive portions and freaking out about the weight....... dropped back to walking instead of running so feel like i right old lump of dough!! :o0