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baby on the way Posts: 4
Hi girls, This is my first post but I've been browsing for a while. I have got lots of great tips from this discussion board, thanks I am 25 and a half weeks pregnant. Thankfully everything seems to be going ok. I'm slightly concerned about my weight gain. I've 15 weeks left and I've already gained a stone and 5 pounds!!! 3 pounds of that went on this week. How much weight had you gained at this point? I seem to be constantly hungry. :eek :eek
ritadoyle Posts: 359
Hi Baby On The Way - sorry i'm no help as i'm not pregnant but thought i'd bump this for you as some posts can get lost among the others and it's disheartening to not get a reply - hope someone gives you some advice and good luck! x :o)ll
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi i got weighted at 29 weeks and had gained 1 stone and 5 pounds, went from 8stone 7 to 9 stone 12. I only get weighted at my appointments so im not keeping track of who much i gain each week. I asked Doc was my weight gain ok and she said it was fine. I can see by my clothes i have grown loads since then, my maternity clothes are starting to get too small.
dovedro Posts: 1295
Hi baby on the way This sounds very normal to me. I'm just going on 24 weeks and up to last week I had put on 10 pounds and now this week I've put on one stone I've no excess weight on me (that I've noticed anyway) and the last time I was at the docs I was concerned that I wasn't putting on enough weight so I think it's catching up now Everyone puts on weight at different times and as long as you feel healthy and the baby is healthy then I wouldn't worry too much about it
theoracle Posts: 7664
Actually for 25 weeks that seems to be on the modest size, well at least compared to my weight gain! :o0 No, seriously, a stone and few pounds is not much, and as for the 3lbs gain over a week, most of it will be fluid retention, amniotic fluid + baby.