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Vera Posts: 197
Given my history of miscarriage I had not been going to the gym while trying for a baby as I was terrified something I could have done at the gym would cause me to have another miscarriage. As you know I am now eight weeks pregnant and feel like I look as if I am 3 months gone. A girl sat beside us in the pub at lunch time and I noticed her small bump. I then saw her show her pal the picture of her scan so she must be at least 3 months. I felt like a monster next to her. Is anyone else feeling like this? Not suffering too bad with morning sickness other than feeling a bit nauseous and extremely tired. Have my first scan on the 4th of June. I can't wait. I will be one day off 10 weeks. Excited but also nervous at the same time. Hope your all feeling well.
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
I piled on the weight in the last year (pure laziness and piggery). I had hoped to lose before getting pregnant, but it didnt happen that way. If you had been used to going to the gym you are probably just very conscious of any weight gain. To others, you probably look fine.
Vera Posts: 197
Yeah maybe your right. But I have to buy new clothes now because nothing seems to fit me right. I don't think I'm eating healthly either as my appetite is up and down and can only eat what I crave. Also I can't drink once I get home otherwise I am up out of the bed numerous times to go to the loo. It drives me nuts. So glad to be pregnant but I have to say it's hard work.
Cutey Pie Posts: 419
Vera i know exactley what your talking about - my sister in law said to me - oh your bum looks great - i was like " eh im 9 weeks there is no bump ( just me pigging out) Im still in my same clothes as i was before i got pregnant just dying to get my proper bump to buy some maternity clothes to feel better
workingmom Posts: 3429
Vera, I also feel like I am piling on the weight, I have only gained 2 lbs, but it is not a nice tidy gain, from under my chest to the end of my tummy I am like this ) My friends in work don't know, and yesterday I caught one of them looking at me, and I could tell by her face she was thinking, jeepers you're getting fat. I feel horrible, and I have a long way to go yet, but I'm pregnant, and the baby has to grow. Pregnancy effects everyone differently, and so long as I don't put on loads of weight over the reccomended gain, I'll be OK.
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Vera, at 8 weeks I felt far more bloated than I do now (13 weeks). I thought I would be much bigger at this stage than I am. I think you get very bloated early on, but this eases off a bit. Maybe buy some trousers in a bigger size? Its not worth being uncomfortable all day.....dont force yourself into clothes that dont fit you! And get yourself measured for a new bra.
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
Vera, I think it's really interesting that you feel this way, and have had previous m/cs. I've had 4 m/cs myself, and each time i got pregnant i was very very bloated..... I often wonder is there a connection as in do people like us have a surge in hormones or something... I honestly don't know, but like you I am piling on the weight i'm only 8 - 10 weeks myself, and I honestly could pass for 4 - 5 months.... I'm just going to go with the flow, and try not worry too much about it as I really want this bean to stick. Hope this helps you xoxo
Vera Posts: 197
Thanks guy's at least I don't feel like I am alone here. You'll never guess what my boss said to my colleague while they were out of the office together. "Oh I see Sue is pregnant" WTF! She knows but didn't let onto him that she did but I think the look on her face gave it away. I think he was reading my e-mails when I was off. I only work three days a week so he was probably haveing a nosey. Cheeky brat. He knows about my previous msicarriage's and also knew I was trying and although I feel like I have put on weight for a man I don't think he would know for sure without hearing something or reading my mails. I am so pissed off with him trying to catch my pal out.
gogglebox Posts: 910
Vera, like you I had a mc and worried about using the gym, so have really refrained this time. I feel like I’ve put on a bit of weight and in the first few weeks I felt so fat and bloated, it was horrible. I’d say the last week or so, I’ve managed to fit back into my jeans – I’m actually smaller now than 2 weeks ago, so maybe you’re more bloated than you think, and you’ll drop a bit when that calms down. I’ve put on about 2-3 lb so far but it feels like so much more, and I think (as another poster said) that when you’re used to going to the gym, you’re much more conscious of any weight gain – nobody else is probably paying attention. That’s pretty bad of your boss to firstly be checking through your emails and then to be saying it to someone else in the office before saying anything to you – that would really cheese me off…
evenstar Posts: 367
Hi, I had 2 miscarriages last year and was also terrified to get any exercise other than a bit of walking. I ballooned early on this pregnancy too despite the fact I was eating next to nothing until week 13 - I was told that I'd lost weight from everywhere else but my huge belly! I looked really pregnant really early and now I'm huge! I think a lot of it was bloating at the start and it never really went down for me just thanfully developed into a bump! In a weird way I am so happy to see the weight going on cos it really makes me feel properly pregnant if that makes sense. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy! evenstar