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MrsNiF Posts: 59
Hi girls, I don't mean to bring up a depressing topic on a sunday ;) But anyway i'm really worried about my weight gain as in i think it's way too much. basically i'm just nearly 18weeks. i was really in the horrors for the first 14 weeks and the only thing i could do to get me through the day was to eat. unfortunately even the look of anything healthy used to make me vomit which was strange so i lived on chips and bread and crisps :(:(:( also couldnt exercise and i was someone who exercised 5 times a week. anyway i was a good size 12 before i got preg but had been in ww and had lost a stone and felt at my perfect weight for me. anyway over the last few weeks i've been putting on nearly 3lbs every week. this is annoying me because i'm piling it on now when i'm actually back to eating healthy enough! gggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;o( i've just about a stone on already and just read that it's way over what i should have put on and now i feel so down. I haven't really had the chance to exercise lately as we've had visitors constantly for the last 2 months. now it's time to regain my life. but my question is, is it now possible to stall on the weight front or is it just too late??? i'm after reading over my post and it's more of a rant than a question.... sorry suppose i just want someone in later stages to tell me same happened them and they stopped gaining for a few weeks... must get big fat ass out walking :(
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hi mrsNIF. Just wanted to reply as your situation sounds very like mine. Before I got pregnant I exercised 5 days a week & ate very healthily. Then when I got pregnant it all went out the window. I was constantly nauseous, couldnt eat anything remotely healthy. All I wanted was white carbs-crisps, bread, chips, pasta. Couldnt stomach fruit, veg or salad. By 18 wks I was up a stone too. I didnt take too much notice. Started eating healthier & doing a very small bit of light exercise. Anyway the end result is that my weight gain definitely slowed down, I am up 2 stone now @ 34 wks 3 days which my GP assures me is perfectly healthy. I know I still have 5 1/2 weeks to go but sure if I put up another 1/2 stone I wouldnt mind as online it says the healthy weight gain for someone my height & weight is 2 1/2 stone. Please try not to worry. Im sure it'll stabilize once you get into a proper routine & healthy diet again. Dont try & eat less or kill yourself with exercise, think of your babs & you have to have all your energy as well. HTH :wv
MrsNiF Posts: 59
thanks a million for the reply tiny feet. yeah i just want it to even out now. great to hear you were same and are at good weight now. i've been eating lots of biscuits which i never eat but it's just cos we've had people over the whole time. so biscuits out and fruit in!!! :o0 thanks again.
tilsun Posts: 4506
Don't be too hard on yourself. If you had a tough time in first trimester it's only natural that you ate what you could and rested instead of exercising. I'm sure it's not too late to turn it around. Obviously you don't want to go losing weight but if you stick with eating healthy and some light exercise I'm sure you'll stop gaining. You may just be gaining still as metabolism has slowed down a little. Give it time :wv
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
[quote="MrsNiF":q19dbmef]i've been eating lots of biscuits which i never eat but it's just cos we've had people over the whole time. so biscuits out and fruit in!!! :o0 thanks again.[/quote:q19dbmef] I was never a huge biscuit person but I think I've eaten more biscuits during this pregnancy than I have in my entire life!! :eek
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Don't worry about it until your nausea goes.. I put on a lot of extra weight in the early days due to my sudden massive intake of white carbs and complete lack of movement from the couch but it just tailed off and I put on very little in the second trimester. Entering the third trimester, I think I had between a stone and a stone and a half on. I'm just over the 2 stone now (although 5 and a half lbs have been in the last two weeks! Chocolate-related maternity binge :eek :eek :eek ). When my nausea went (btw 18 and 20 weeks), I started to eat very healthily. I found focusing on getting the recommended 6-9 portions of fruit and veg daily made a big difference to my overall energy levels and general diet. It was a bit of a project!
Gingham Posts: 3014
I wouldnt worry about your weight at this point to be honest. everyone puts weight on at different times throughout pregnancy. I put very little on until about 23 weeks and then it was a rollercoaster until about 29 weeks. The weight gain stopped then until I reached about 36 weeks and in the last two weeks, i just feel like ive balloned...even noticed the start of abit of a double chin :ooh ....... Eat as well as you can, try and do abit of exercise. step away from the scales and those recommended weight gain guides..its different for everyone.
survivor Posts: 2507
The weight gain is a bit of a shocker when it happens alright. I didnt put on a single pound until I was 18 weeks. I was delighted with myself and had dreams of having one of those ickle designer bumps where everyone goes out of their way to comment on how fabulous you look etc :o0 :o0 :o0 Alas no..... In the last 2 weeks I've managed to pile on 7 pounds. Now I know I've been eating chocolate, cake and full fat yogurts but not so much of it that I could ever imagine it was 7 pounds worth. I'm stunned. Nearly fell off the scales this morning. If I keep this up I'll put on 77 pounds by the time the 40 weeks are up :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek Eeekkkkk. Needless to say I came to work this morning armed with a fruit salad and a low fat yogurt :o(
March Baby Posts: 89
I am having a big issue with my weight, it's really upsetting me. I had lost a stone for my Wedding and we get pregnant right away, since then I have put on 3 stone. Keep telling myself it's really two stone, either way it's a lot of weight to put on! I'm only 24 weeks gone and it does not seem to be stopping. Going to talk to my doctor next week as I don't over eat! I was always a slim 8 to 10 so I am finding this weight gain hard, but then I think, as long as my baby is alright I don't care. Still it's upsetting and hard!
Nadie Posts: 1111
I'm the same March Baby, I lost 2.5 stone in the year before my wedding to get down to a lovely little size 8. Now I'm 3 stone above where I was, and by the time the baby is born, assuming I lose about a stone due to baby, placenta, fluid, I'll be back where I flippin started a year before the wedding. DH is just like, oh, you're pregnant, this is what happens. And it's not like I would go on a diet while pregnant or anything stupid like that, it's just hard when I so recently put so much effort into the aul weight loss. And the "it'll fall off you afterwards" line wrecks my head, as I know what I have to do to lose weight, and blood sweat and tears is the only way! Feel better for the rant though.