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Emmielle Posts: 59
Hi girls, This is my first pregnancy and after a little scare in the early weeks i cut back on exercise big time and have not got back into a routine since. That coupled with a huge appetite has meant ive piled on the weight, ive gained a whopping 24 pounds and Im only 26 weeks. I wasn't too worried until the comments started, 'oh you're huge' or ' are you sure your not carrying twins?'. This has got me down in past few weeks. I know i need to exercise more and eat less but its hard. Just want to know if anyone else has gained this much at my stage or am i really that abnormal?!! :eek
Fancy Nancy Posts: 71
Oh Emmielle - it's great to read your post!!! You have a sidekick here with me. I'm 26 weeks too and have put on 2 stone since I got pregnant - well techincally 2 stone from what I normally weigh (around 10stone). But as I got married at the start of the year I weighed closer to 9 - 9&1/2 stone so I suppose I've actually put on nearly 3 stone (yikes - I'm cringing reading my own post)!!!! I've been doing exercise - i.e. walking and aqua aerobics but have found it very hard to stay away from the biccies and choloates too. I didn't think I was eating massive amounts but I am eating lots more bread, pastas and potatoes than I would have before I got pregnant and I nearly think this is where most of my gain is coming from. My doctor isn't concerned and says as long as I keep the exercise up things look fine (she says the exercise heps give you more stamina for the actual labour). I feel there's no point now in trying to loose any of the weight - I guess we just need to make an effort to not pile on the same again before the end (easier said than done) - so I'm going to keep up the exercise and try and have a few days a week where I don't go mad on the sweets - but apart from that there's not much I can do!!! The only thing I'm afraid of now is all the eating I will probably end up doing over Xmas - will throw in an extra walk or two and maybe a swim to balance it up. Maybe we're the type pf people who put on most of the weight in the first 6 months and then feck all until the end - fingers crossed ;)!!! ;)
pag Posts: 633
As Fancy Nancy said some people front load weight in the early weeks and trimesters and then don't put much on in final trimester. I'm the other way round and now as I approach the final trimester while I've only half stone on, if last pregnancy is anything to go by, I will start putting on 2-3lbs EACH week and will end up similar weight to you girls. remember everyone is different and your body will react differently to each and every pregnancy.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
I'm up 13 pounds at 20 weeks so would imagine I'll be 20 pounds by 26 weeks at this rate....not at all worried. My best friend has a similar frame to me (she's small and petite) and she put on 3.5 stone on her pregnancy- she gave birth recently and within 2 months she was back down to her normal size (aside from a wee belly)- she hasn't been dieting or anything but she got her normal appetite back as soon as she gave birth, wasn't craving junk and breastfed. So try not to worry.
wishingwell Posts: 253
hi girls, everyone puts on a different amount of weight, on ds i put on about 4 stone!!!! :ooh :ooh , was 10 stone starting out and it piled on from the very beginning, i did eat what i wanted whenever i wanted but did a little exercise, nothing 2 hectic, the cons never had an issue with it. this time around i hav only put on 3 stone approx, am 38 weeks, i think i havnt put on as much coz im running around after a toddler, but then im carrying differently aswel. just as long as u r feeling healty, and ur doc has no issues then dnt b worrying, if ur putting on 2 much the doc wil hav a word wit u, best of luck wit the rest of ur pregnancy :)
Emmielle Posts: 59
Thanks for your replies girls! Feel so much better to know I'm not alone. The negative comments I have been getting about my size were beginning to get me down. Like you Fancynancy I have a sweet tooth, but was exercising alot before I got pregnant (wedding was great motivation!) and I was eating alot less carbs back then too. I am eating healthily for the most part- plenty of fruit, veg, calcium etc., but have a massive sweet tooth and can't go a day without some chocolate :-8 . I have been getting pelvic pain after walking in past few weeks, so not getting out and about as much as I should. Pag- you're lucky not to be gaining as much! Guess we're all different, or else you're more disciplined with food than me! AmandaMc- hope we're as lucky as you're friend to lose the baby weight that quickly!! Wishingwell- did it take a while to lose the weight after your first baby? Hope all your pregnancies going well girls and thanks again for making me feel 'normal'. I don't post much here, but find it a great source of information :thnk
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Have been wondering/worrying about the topic of weight gain for the past few weeks myself. Am 14 weeks and put on about 6lb so far, thought that was okay until I came across this article that said no extra weight should be put on in 1st 12 weeks http://www.irishhealth.com/article.html?id=93 O:| O:| O:| Hard to know though I suppose if everyone's different. In general how much weight did you all put on in the first 12-14 weeks?
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Lady Penelope that's not true at all! The average is about 3 to 5 pounds I think but that's not a strict guideline as everyone is different. TBH my weight was frontloaded- I put on about 8 pounds in the first 12 weeks so more than you! It seems to be slowing a bit. While I was more than average my midwife said not to pay any attention to strict guidelines as some people put more weight on early and it slows down. Others put nothing on for the first trimester and then it goes on very fast. The only way I didn't get sick in the 1st 3 months was to graze ALL day!! The midwife said that's very common whereas others loose weight! Emmielle- I was also a gym bunny before I got pregnant. Still getting out for a walk with the dog everyday but also starting to get pelvis pain so all I can do now is 2 miles tops. And I have such a sweet tooth too- I have at least a bar every day!! Also you'll be on maternity during the summer so a great time for getting out for walks etc! I'm embracing the weight gain- all that matters is babs is healthy!