Weight in first trimester

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MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
Hey girls, I'm having an awful fat day today and feeling really sorry for myself. I'm still wearing my own clothes but I'm very bloated and due to the tiredness and sickness, I'm not able to take as much excercise as I'd like to be taking. This bloated look just isn't sexy. I've to meet friends tonight and if they tell me I look pregnant, I think I will cry. If it was a pregnancy bump, well in good, but it's not. The hormones must be getting to me today, I'm never like this. Did ye put on much weight in yer first trimester.
coconuts Posts: 213
Yes! For the same reasons as you - I have done no exercise as too sick. For a while all I could eat was ice cream which I'm sure did me no good at all. I wouldn't worry about it until after the baby is born.
Cowslip Posts: 761
Honey..I don't know what to say, but didn't want to leave you with my replies. How far along are you ? I put on four pounds in my first trimester, due to no exercise where normally I exercise regulary and Christmas didn't help, and I wasn't sick at all so I was eating all around me. I did feel very bloated though, especially in the evenings. By 12 weeks, I definitely had quite a tummy, but it didn't look like a bump, just a big tummy. Its only really in the last three weeks that I can say my bump looks like a bump, rather then a big tummy. Do your friends know that you are pregnant ? Everyone has their fat days, I am feeling very fat today as well, I feel like my bum is growing faster then my bump....and your tummy will look just fat for a while before it looks like a proper bump....so don't worry about it and enjoy your night out with your friends....
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi Honey, sorry to hear you're feeling blue, I think we all have days like this, pregnant or otherwise. Is there anything you can wear that you'll feel really good in? Or go out and buy something really lovely? The clothes at the moment are made for pregnant women! Very flattering. If you take some time putting on nice make up and doing your hair, by the time you meet the girls you'll feel fabulous!!! And I've no doubt you will look it too. Most of the time, these feelings are just in our heads. :xxx
bibikay Posts: 644
Hi there, I know the feeling - that was me this time last year! Think I even put up a post here saying how I was packing on the weight in 1st trimester, and I thought that I'd be ten ton tessie by the end of the pregnancy! But, even though I put on about 10-11 lbs in the first 13 weeks, my weight gain completely slowed down... between weeks 25-35 I think I put on about 3 lbs altogether (my theory is that while the bump was growing, I was actually losing weight on my bum and elsewhere!) , so in total I put on just over 2st which is pretty much what I should have put on. And, no, I certainly wasn't dieting, and baby was a fine healthy 8lb7oz. So, my point is ... don't worry about the weight! I know that horrible "blah" feeling as well when your regular clothes feel too tight, but it's too early to get into maternity clothes. But, when you do put on your first pair of mat jeans or top, ahhhhHHHH the BLISS !!!! just the whole comfort of it is lovely. But, you're lucky because the current trend for smock-tops is great - you can still look great in regular clothes - maybe just buy a pair of regular pants in a size bigger for now, just to make you feel less constricted, and you will instantly feel less flabby/fat. Throw on the slap, get the hair and nails done and you will feel a lot better meeting the girls for a night out. HTH!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I'm feeling the same but only feeling nausea not actully getting sick I don't know which is worse,I'm not off my food but have sever wind and bloating and then I feel like I should be eating salads all the long or something...I think im tasting food better and not smoking is probably the cause of that..will have to try and cut out the extra im eating if I can :o( but im a comfort eater so thats worse. Hugs for us :action32
MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
Aaawww, thanks a million girls. I'm just having a bad day. The tiredness is probably getting to me, I'm nearly ready to cry........talk about being a baby :o0 My friends know I'm pregnant and are dying to see the "baby bump", but I know it's not a bump, I'm just very bloated. I know I'm going to be upset, when they say, they can really see the bump. They will think they are saying the right thing. I know I'm being completely silly and I'll wake up tomorrow and think "you feckin' eejit, aren't you so blessed to be pregnant in the first place". Thanks again girls.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Ah Honey, I know what you mean I call them my 'beached whale' days. Feeling so unsexy. Roll on the bump is all I say. It will be nice too to be able to change into some nice bright summer clothes soon. I'm 14 weeks now and have put on about 2.5 kilos (sorry am a kilo person). Roll on the summer is all I can say when we can change out of these drap winter clothes and put on some nice bright colours to cheer us up. There are some nice tops out there though, you know the fashion is all these smock type tops which are great for us.
MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
I'm actually dressed in nice bright colours today as I was so sick of wearing the dark winter colours. I think I'll treat myself to a new top, any excuse to go shopping!!! At least now that I'm out of the first trimester, my cravings for carbs seem to be gone, so hopefully I'll be back to my healthy eating.
jen2 Posts: 3106
I think I put on about 3 - 4lbs. Am 18 and half weeks now and have put on 6- 7lbs. Everyone is different. One the first child I put a total of 16lbs and on the second I put on 18 lbs. So dont care how fast or slow I put it on. I know it will be fine in the end. Jen2