My darling h2b brought me to Wexford for a relaxing weekend and while we were there he booked me in for some spa treatments in this new day spa and gym called fit4all. It was amazing, its small and exclusive. Only a few people are aloud in at a time and i was treated like a queen. One of the guests there lost loads of weight for her wedding, she was like a model. The personal trainer made out a training and eating plan suited to her. Im pregnant at the mo so wont be doing any major work outs for awhile but I was so impressed by this little gem of place that I might go back after the baby is born to get a fitness programme made up for me. I just thought that any brides to be in Wexford might be interested in the place for losing weight or a pampering day with their bridesmaids etc.. There is even a lodge that you can rent for the weekend *) [url:vexxe00m][/url:vexxe00m]