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yankiecandle Posts: 2888
i want to lose 1 stone before i order my dress in december. has any body seen any good plans to follow. i also needed to start some exercise. i never do anything, im really bad. help! :thnk
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Weight Watchers all the way! I've lost over a stone and a half so far with it! The fear of standing on the scales at the end of the week helps with the discipline I find!
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
whats weight watchers like ive never been? (have no intentions of being a skinny bride, but would like to be as close as possible to kelly brook) :o0 :o0 :o0
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I find it really good - myself and one of my BM's do it together! There's a whole range of people doing it - some people have only a couple of pounds to shift to get to their goal and others have a couple of stone. I find that I learn a lot at the meetings - great tips for low point treats etc. Our leader is really good - she's very motivational! Most times I feel I have plenty of motivation but for the weeks where you hit a plateau or just feel like you're not all that bothered it's good to get the little pep talk! The plan itself is all about everything in moderation and doesn't rule out take-aways/vino etc as a treat! If you're strong willed you could do it yourself - they do an At Home package where they send you all of the books. I did this once but to be honest after a week or so I stopped doing it without even realising. Stepping up on the scales once a week is great motivation to keep you in check!!!
Trilogy Posts: 57
Hi NYE bride, I'm a dietitian and I have to say that I agree with the above poster, WW is really good. In my experience it is an eating plan that gets you thinking about balanced eating and portion sizes for life.....MUCH healthier than celeb diets or the quick fixes out there. The other huge benefit is that you can still factor in all the nice foods in life without feeling like you've "broken the diet" or feel like you've failed. If you follow WW carefully you should realistically lose approx 1lb/wk, so maybe only about 1/2 stone by Dec, but remember this is fat and not just water....therefore a huge achievement! I wish you all the best with your goals - there's defo nothing like a wedding to get motivated! HTH!! :thnk
Skittlespink Posts: 406
Have to say Im finding weight watchers brill...Ive lost just over a stone since about May, and it hasnt been that difficult really. Its 20 yo yo to join and then a tenner a week but def worth it. You should look at their website you can put in where in the country you are and it will give you the meeting times and places! :wv
missymoomooo Posts: 639
I'm another one for WW. I've tried loads of diets but i always come back to ww!! I've lost a stone in 8weeks on it and i've another stone and a bit to go but i KNOW if i can stay in ww i'll do it! You should defo try it, it's a nice atmosphere at the classes and i promise you if you follow the plan it works!!
DorothyGreen Posts: 1
Hi :) I'm new to the weddings on line forum but I hope my story will inspire all the brides to be trying to get in shape! I got married in April 07 and tried EVERYTHING to lose weight coming up to my wedding date. most extreme diet I remember was living on hard boiled eggs and oranges (I do NOT recommend it!) I was a stone over weight on my wedding day and was devastated I didn't look my best. Funnily I joined a WLC class (Weight Loss Challenge) trying to lose weight in an effort to get pregnant, I lost 13 lbs and got pregnant 3 months later (very exciting because I was having problems conceiving) I rejoined a WLC class after giving birth and have since lost 32 lbs! I'm in the best shape I've ever been and just wish someone had told me about this weight loss support group BEFORE my wedding day! good luck
Makera Posts: 45
Hiya I've tried WW but also a website called Weightlossresources.com or .co.uk, I can't remember which. Both worked, but I was by far and away more successful with the website. It's about 45stg for 6 months and it's down to smarter eating by counting calories and also moving more. Loads of forums on there as well (A bit like here), huge support, dedicated helpdesk, summaries of what you've consumed, nutritional targets etc. It does take a little bit of dedication at the start, but it also makes you much more aware of what you are eating. Makes you think twice about having a twix if it takes 50mins on the cross trainer to work it off. I have made myself go for a run before supper in teh evening , just because I only had 100cals left to eat in the day and 'earned' myself an extra 150 from a trip round the park and enjoyed my meal rather than grimmaced about the lack of content!. 7 weeks to xmas, 2lbs a week... Should be easily achievable!! That's my soap box for today. Good luck with it, which ever you choose.
izzie123 Posts: 235
You should join us over in "Health & Fitness" where we've set up a Slim For Santa Challenge. Its starting on Friday, and every Friday we have to post our weight loss / gain, and say how much exercise we've done etc. Its great motivation, and you should get some tips over there as the wks go by !