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Amanda Moor Posts: 5
gov23 Posts: 9
This not work to me! For this I use lipovon!
Mark Koloma Posts: 2
kardio is the best for me
gov23 Posts: 9
[quote="Mark Koloma":3kgcp0ti]kardio is the best for me[/quote:3kgcp0ti] It really is! But I'm happy with lipovon. You can check here
mandinalewis Posts: 2
hi Only by consuming proper diet and nutrition can manage weight.
Joe Root Posts: 6
Hello There. I think that with more exercise and proper nutrition, you will achieve results! 168 people love this post Love this post
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The Home of Fitness Posts: 2
Have you tried using the help of an Online Fitness Coach? Check out TheHomeofFitness . com for a list of them
stream26 Posts: 23
I lost 45 pounds by using the Elliptical ! You are training all of your muscles while you are on it + it's fun. And if you want results you should do an interval [url=]training[/url:3movf64s]. Just try it for sometime with normal speed and then go faster for a while... until your hearth rate gets up. Then, again slowdown for a while and when you're ready try harder again. This way you are not bored with your workout and you'll get your results faster. You might start with 30 minutes and then just start adding more minutes when you get used to it. Good luck and enjoy the journey
LauraAdams.77 Posts: 18
Cardio and diet
webcrest Posts: 38
There are several ways to lose weight swiftly. First of all you have to use only water as liquid and get rid of all other liquid drinks from your diet The time spell between the eating is very important. If you eat once, then you must eat next after 4 hours. And the last one Walking is very good. Simply tries these simple tips hopefully you will get great results :yelrotflmaosmilie: