A proven weight loss formula has arrived in Ireland. The Ultimate Health Clinic is the first Irish based centre to provide a new weight loss programme that is sweeping through Europe. ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ is a frequently used phrase, but it is also reflects the general opinion among people behind how food and drink passes through our body. This is one of the biggest misunderstandings in relation to our health. The Plavsa Hydro weight treatment programme involves taking a new high powered diet pill with no side effects, which can show dramatic results quickly in terms of weight, bloating and passing food through peoples system. Dr. Slausberg from the University of Gotenberg (Sweden) dedicated 15 years of research to come up with this new diet pill that millions of women and men have always dreamed of - Plavsa. The idea is as brilliant as it is simple. Have you ever seen an overweight fish? Or an oyster with a few pounds too many? Everyone knows that sea animals never get fat. That’s because their bodies contain Plavsa. Plavsa reduces body fat deposits in the belly, thighs and buttocks. This International Obesity Society approved diet pill also makes sure that the fat from your last meal leaves your body before being digested. Plavsa molecules dissolve fatty tissue by purely mechanical means instead of by a chemical method. Since it is an entirely natural product, Plavsa causes no side effects, no chemical alteration of the body’s metabolism and no risk of dehydration. Plavsa stimulates the digestive system by rapidly eliminating the binded fat-molecules which is precisely the effect weight conscious people are looking for. The combination of using Plavsa with Colonic Hydrotherapy gives a holistic programme of weight management. Peoples bodies are put under constant pressure to function properly due to the consumption of processed and convenience foods, diary produce and meat, along with changing lifestyles. People should be aware that a Colonic is the most effective way of getting rid of waste in your body, helping to overcome associated problems such as Constipation and general bowl problems. Waste lying in the colon can become one of the triggers for illness so it is crucial that people cleanse their colon to get rid of all the toxins that can manifest themselves there. By combining this treatment with the Plavsa diet pills we are now stocking, both men and women alike will notice almost instant results, both with their weight and in their overall feeling of a healthy system. For further information on the Plavsa Hydro weight treatment programme please visit our new website