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Bgerk Posts: 118
Hi. I am about 6-7 weeks pregnant. I have my first doctors appointment on Friday but I just had a quick question for you all. Since I found out that I was pregnant I have been making an effort to eat the right foods (I also can't seem to stomach the quantity I used to be able to) and have started light exercising, walking to work (half an hour each way) and swimming a couple of evenings. Well the result has been that I've lost a couple of kg's. Just wanted to check if this is ok, it's not like I have been counting calories etc but just being more sensible about what eat. It's just when I google it everywhere stresses that you shouldn't lose weight during pregnancy. By the way- I'm not really thin, if I wasn't pregnant I could do with losing more weight!
esmum Posts: 426
Same thing happened me. Its just the health buzz your on when you initially find out your pregnant not drinking not eating as much junk and the added exerrise. A lot of people in first trimester can lose weight from morning sickness. Believe me you will put it back on in no time .
Bgerk Posts: 118
Thanks- I assumed it was ok. I thought the websites probably meant that you shouldn't aim not to gain weight or lose weight right through your pregnancy. (ie you shouldn't weight less at 35+ weeks than you did at 4 weeks) I guess I should just relax and enjoy it while it lasts, as you said it will be back on in no time!
lollypop Posts: 317
Hi Bgerk, I wouldn't worry about it. I was the very same. My appetite went the opposite direction. The first 5 months I could barely stomach a dinner and was living on salad sandwhiches and toasted cheese sambo's for dinner. I lost 9lbs in the first 5 months. But the midwife and consultant said not to worry about it, once I was dieting... which obviously I wouldn't do. Best of luck.
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
God. I wish. I've put on 10lbs in 10 wks. Think it's because I had to give up nicorette. Have had ms too, just ate my way out of it :-8 My mother lost 3 stone in both pregnancies. She just didn't eat as much.(believe me, she was NEVER a successful dieter!). I was 8lbs 7 and my sister was 9lbs 2.. and no health issues. If I lost weight I wouldn't be in the SLIGHT bit bothered about it. All this 'dieting is really bad', well.. yeah, it is... but that's different to losing weight naturally through sensible eating. If, say, you are overweight and normally ate 2500 calories to maintain, you might find yourself eating the same and losing because of the extra calories your baby needs. The weight I've put on so far is no benefit to me or baby - if I gained less weight next trimester, I don't think it would be a problem. I've no intention of 'dieting' but I do need to eat more healthily. I've eaten really badly since ms kicked in.. If I didn't watch my food intake next two trimesters I'd probably put on 6 stone.. and people who are supergainers in pregnancy tend to have more complications in labour etc. I will cutting right back next trimester, while ensuring I eat plenty of nutrients and calories. I just can't keep adding an additional 500 a day on top of the 300 extra I've 'earned' by being pg!