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Becky804 Posts: 2
Hey guys what is your views on the clean 9??? Want a good kickstart for my weight loss for my big day???
bronzedbride Posts: 2
I have most 2.5 stone so far with juice plus fab meal plans and recipes and the shakes are delicious xx
ItalianBride2014 Posts: 64
I just sent you a pm Becky804 xx
PaulaGary Posts: 1
hi, ladies :o)ll We're planning our wedding for the next summer, but I want to loose pounds step by step, without hard diets, so I', excepting ideas, something you know that works. I found one great channel for now and start exercising - it's pretty hard :innocent: so must me be good, right :yelrotflmaosmilie:
ItalianBride2014 Posts: 64
Just sent you a pm PaulaGary xx
Jess24 Posts: 4
Try Insanity, it's pretty effective. I've done it for like 10 days in a row, but it's exhausting and I stopped. Planning to continue any day now tho :)
Caran75 Posts: 43
I used jillian Michaels 30 day shred over a year ago and found it great for toning up. Was less than 30 mins exercise each day. Watched what I ate too, but need to lose a stone before Jan. Haven't gone dress shopping yet as feel that I need to lose at least half stone not to be needing too much taken in. We are getting married in Jan. Have gone so lazy so need to get myself in gear. Must get the DVD out again,.
ashcapp Posts: 31
I've done Insanity and its awesome. I've now signed up for Beachbody's online workouts so I can try more of their programs- love it! ...
EmzShaKin Posts: 8
I did the clean 9 myself back in November last year (for my brothers wedding) I did shift 9lb, but the minute I finished I obviously had Xmas and Brothers wedding so I put the 9lb back on along with another 3lb, and I was never that heavy. It didn't work for me (I wasn't a fan of the shakes), I thought it was a waste of money. Im getting married this September and ive joined Yoga, im doing a Paleo diet, and walking 15km a week (I do 3 km a day at lunch time) and Im slowly loosing it. I still have my cheat day and still go out with H2B and friends but I watch what I put into my body now more than ever. In total since starting mid April i'm down 5lb and toned up a bit, My honest opinion is that the fad diets or detoxs are great for a quick fix but they never last long and once you finish the diet/detox weight will slowly creep back on. best of luck with whatever you decide on. :o)ll
frass Posts: 3
i don't had any idea....... :wv :wv :wv :wv