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debrahall Posts: 12
Hi, same here. No idea.
webcrest Posts: 38
Don't Try other things, just try Insanity, its really effective, my cousin told me about insanity, she has done 2 week regularly and she got awesome results. My advise to you do not hesitate just do it. :wv
joshuamiller7602 Posts: 14
you should start with your diet. Try to take healthy diet that supports the weight loss. Do regular exercise.
webcrest Posts: 38
A good way to quickly [url=]weight lose[/url:1dp75jxa] is to drink at least six cups of green tea every can simply lose weight by controlling your diet.
claireodo Posts: 5
I like that weightwatchers allow you to eat as much fruit and veg you like... also they are great to just learn about how much to eat etc.
Matthew West Posts: 1
I help brides and grooms to lose weight for their big day by a 10-week program. Send me an email on [email protected]
Lucy Kavanagh
JamesBrown Posts: 31
Drink hot water with mix of lemon and honey in the morning. it'll help to reduce weight. mild water is really helpful for our body weight loss. i experienced it.
JamesBrown Posts: 31
Drink more water(about 8 glass) per day. it also help to gain more energy.