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bgirl Posts: 26
Hi Girls, I am nearly 36 weeks and have not put on any weight since week 28, Has this happened to anyone, I am not able to eat the same amount as before, but i am still eating well and having loads of sweets, I have put on 23 pounds so far. I went to the hosiptal at 32 weeks and the doc said it was fine then, but suarly in the last 4 weeks i should have put on a few pounds as the baby sould be gaining weight, I am going to hos on Wed, but just mind is racing about baby not gaining weight, thanks for your relplys
birdie Posts: 954
Hi, I'm much the same as you, although I've put on more weight overall than you have it has almost completely stopped since about week 33 or thereabouts, but just because you're not putting on weight it doesn't mean that the baby isn't so don't be freaking out! I mentioned it to GP last Wednesday and she said it's fine because I'm just not able to eat a whole lot, I'm eating enough but probably not as much as normal, just can't fit it in! And also now that I'm quite large (!) I reckon everything I'm doing is just burning up that bit more energy so that's why the weight gain has levelled off/stopped.........any of the books that I've read say that weight gain either slows waaaay down or stops completely in the last month or so, even though that's when the baby is piling on the fat, so don't worry, but of course make sure and mention your concerns at your next check up! hth xo
bgirl Posts: 26
thansk for you reply, Just wanted to know if this was normal, i could not find anything about not gaining weight anywere, Thansk again