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Helenl123 Posts: 1457
Hi, I'm starting back in weight watchers tomorrow night, (killester) and was wondering if anyone would like to keep in contact regarding their weight loss and how they are doing, hints, tips, ideas etc... would like if i could have some motivation and feel this would be a big help.
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Hi Helenl123 - feel free to join us on this thread. We are mainly doing WW or Unislim. I think it's great motivation and excellent support. ... p?t=143134 :wv
pretty polly Posts: 198
Hi Helen123 I would love to, I went pack last night and I recon I have 6bls to loose, I know it is not much but I am finding it difficult. We can motivate each other, with tips, I haven't been able to shift the last few.
Helenl123 Posts: 1457
excellent pretty polly, i'd say i've between 7 and 13lbs to loose... I'd be happy with 7lbs, but my goal is 13 if that makes sense!! I've just found it so hard to say, right today i start, you know yourself, and once you put it off 1 day, then it travels with you for rest of week. I've started today so i have...... for breakfast i'm having alpen (no added sugar) with low fat milk, lunch is apple and kewi with yoghurt and 2 rivita crackers with extra light philly, dinner is chicken breast, green beans, carrotts and 2 small potatoes. I dont usually snack, so thats never the issue, (well i wont say never, haha) but it was more my portions and my unhealthy choices. What have you found the hardest?
pretty polly Posts: 198
I had porridge for my breakfast this morning, but I had to have sugar on it. I have bought the light sugar, so hopefully it is not that bad, have still to check. I would say that I will only get a quick bowl of special K for my lunch, too busy to get out for something and may dinner will be soup and bread. I am finding it so difficult to give up the bread, I have tried the weight watchers bread, but the slices are so small. I went home after ww last night and finished off the M&S chocolate cake in the fridge just so it wouldn't be there today when I get home. It is the weekend that kills me. I love going to go out for dinner and having a few drinks. I really need to get back into the walking, it really helps, but the with all the rain it hasn't happened (and my lack of motivatation) We should record our weight every Tuesday morning, if that suits, I normally so to ww every Monday. This is it I am going to get myself sorted.
Helenl123 Posts: 1457
That sounds healthy enough, but what i would suggest is try and eat more points. I know its sounds mad, but i used to cut back on my points sooo much,and was always wondering why i wasnt loosing weight. Until my weight watcher teacher told me i was prob eating too little, and my metabolism was slowing down to hold onto what i was eating. So i started eating more (fruit) and veg and snacked on carrot and hummice and that worked. I think you already realise that your going to do this now and that is it... if we make a promise to at least tell each other honestly what we've eaten in a day that will help, cos having what we eat down in front of us in print will make us realise if we've eaten bold or not? Plus if we put what we are and what we've lost each week that will also help? I go to class on a Tuesday night... So i wont be able to put my weight loss down till wednesday morning, but i think you should put yours down on the Tuesday morning anyhow and i can put mine down on the wed morning. I lost all motivation so i did, and i only got it back after reading through some threads on this site, and then yesterday i was in such good form thinking i was doing this from today onwards and that things would get back to me being happy to look in the mirror again. i'm only 5ft and i'm about (now not 100% on this till i get weighed tonight) but i'm about 9st 1lb. My ideal weight for me would be 8st 3lbs. I was that weight before and it suited me much better. So i'd say i'm about a stone overweight. You know what i hate, ppl saying, what.... you dont need to loose weight, your perfect as is... your so slim, when i know in my heart they're not. PPL think by being kind it is better, but i'd prefer to have it honest than kind.
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pretty polly Posts: 198
Ok we will help each other along. I am 5ft 7, I am 10st 2lb. I want to be 9st 8lb. I know what you mean by ppl saying that you don't need to loose any wait, I know I want to loose a few lb, but I want to tone up. My wedding is not until nex May, but it took me 10 months to loose 13lb, I need to get crakcing. I hear what you are saying about loosing all motivation, I have just recently moved down to Tipp, changed job and I am away from my friends and family. I used to be able to walk with my sisters and the girls in work were like my ww friends. So at least now I can have someone to help moitvate me. Good luck tonight.
LadyMary Posts: 1050
Hi Girls, well done on starting WW.
Helenl123 Posts: 1457
Ladymary, i totally agree with you, when i was in weight watchers and reached my goal i felt like then i was eating more than i normally ever did, but thing was i was eating all the healthy foods. I decided yesterday to cut bread out of my diet bar once a week, its gonna be hard, as like you, i'd prob on a normal week day have depending on what i had for breakfast maybe 5 slices a day, if i didnt have toast for breakfast i'd have between 2 and four slices a day. Thinking of that, for monday to friday is lets say minimum of about 15 slices of bread during week, plus at weekend i'd prob have about 6 slices between sat and sun, so that is 21 slices of bread in a week, how many slices in a pan? cos i'd say that is near enough a pan of bread!! Scary! Anyhow, i went shopping last nite and brough rivita crackers, and hummice and extra light philadelphia, and fruit and diet yoghurt and soups and veg. So i have a big mixture of what i can have for my lunch. Plus i've decided to give up cheese too once allow it once a week. I was eating it every day for lunch. I will allow philadelphia exta light though. Yep i think if we motivate each other and give ideas and tips for the likes of lunch and dinner etc, we'll be ever so happy. One thing i've realised is that .... Being hungry doesnt mean you'll loose weight.... So Pretty Polly deffo eat more than what your eating today. For breakfast your porridge sounds perfect, maybe bout 11am have a banana and apple, then at lunch maybe have rivita with soup, or salad and chicken? then for dinner maybe have like what i'm having, meat, veg and 2 small potatoes boiled. or even small packet or rice (boiled) with veg and salmon. , But i'd be ravished by 8pm if i only had soup and roll for dinner, plus its not giving you all the nutrition you need. I also bought Sunflower seeds for to have a small amount in morning to give me energy before i go to work. Plus a half glass of orange juice to fill the tummy a little as dont get breakfast till 10am.
pretty polly Posts: 198
I will, I actually going to stop in the shops tonight a get some fish and do a good shop for the week. Was only eating the soup because there is nothing in the house. Going to buy plenthy of fruit and veg. At least I can have a stir fry tomorrow night. Even if is raining I am giong walking, I am going to do an hour. This is great motivation
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