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Dingdong1 Posts: 73
Hey ladies! I really really really want to start going to these meetings BUT am a wee bit dubious! having read the previous post though i really want to!! only thing is! im not totally shy :-8 but am a bit aprehensive about going for the first time! not too sure what to do when i go in and whether everyone will be staring at me! i know it sounds silly but i think ive worked myself up into such state that ive 80% convenience myself not to go at this stage! and i hate going alone!! can anyone tell me what happens on their first class?? :-8
Dingdong1 Posts: 73
THanks BouncyL you're a star bar!!!! O-O you have put my mind at ease!!!! fingers crossed!! as i have two weddings this year and have the perfect dress that just doesn;t fit! goddamit!!! :o0 :o0 :o0
scotswedding Posts: 2829
SOS I was the exact same as you. A little luckier perhaps as my friend is the assistant at the meeting so I knew I would know at least one person there. Was exactly as Bouncy described. Stand & queue. Weight. Sit and listen to meeting. They might ask you why you joined but they might not. I really like the meetings to hear how others are getting on and to get ideas for food. Just go for it, you'll be so glad you did! :wv
Mrs Mia Wallace Posts: 869
Just to add, you should stay for the meetings every week. Some people just go in, get weighed and go but I think you get lots of good food tips and a bit of moral support at the meetings. Go for it! You'll be delighted with yourself!
frillynickers Posts: 1765
you'll be fine. When your getting weighed no-one will know or hear what your weight is. During the meeting the leader will go through some hints and tips for the next week and she will usually have examples of some everyday foods and she will go through what the points are for them. At the start of the meeting she'll ask who's feeling great about their weight loss a few people with put their hand up (you dont have to) and say what they lost that week and how they did it, she'll also ask them what worked for them which is really great as everyone has different ways of doing things so you'll get some tips there. Hopefully, if your lucky, she'll have a block of fat there, I know it sounds disgusting but boy does it encourage you to loose weight. Its usually a clear bag of 1 pound of fat so knowing your loosing that each time really drives you. At the end of the meeting she will ask the new people to stay back for a few minutes at the end. Theres always a few, she will then go through the book, how to work out a plan that suits you best etc. best of luck you'll do great, most people will loose 3-4lbs there first week if they do everything they should and then this will average out to 1-2lbs per week. Also every now and then you will have a week where you wont loose anything, dont worry about this as it happens to us all! The next week you could loose double. I think when I first started I did the core plan dont know what its called now. But basically you only eat fresh foods i.e nothing processed. My first week I lost 5lbs and then that evened out to 1-2lbs per week. Another thing, and sorry for going on, you have to get out and move!!! this is VERY important even if its a 30 min fast paced walk every evening, you can earn points from excersise as you burn calaories. I tend to not use these up as thats how you loose more weight or if I know Ive something on at the weekend I save them up for that. Its all about habit change, and being aware of what you put into your mouth, wheter its a drink, the amount of bread you eat, butter, cheese, alchohol it all adds up. best of luck again pet!!
Dingdong1 Posts: 73
Thanks frillynickers, scotswedding and mrs Mia!! my first meeting will be next Wednesday as i convinced myself not to go last night!! being afraid of the unknown!! thanks for your help and advice and esp the detailed reports on what to expect on the first night!! i'll post agian next Thursday just to show i had the balls to go!! thanks! i am currently 13st and want to be 10.5 and a size 12! im not going to over do it but i just hate the way i look having been to a party recently and then seeing the photos the following day was like a slap in the face!! thanks again and i will keep you all posted!!! x
Miah Posts: 2738
MrsSOS you'll be totally fine! It's all confidential and there are women of all shapes and sizes there. All people are going to be focusing on is their own weightloss, you'll really enjoy it! The WW leaders are great motivators too. I was 9lbs heavier than you when I started - by the summer of that year I had lost 1.5 stone and went on to lose a further stone after that. The biggest mistake of my life was leaving WW, thinking I could do it alone. I'm back now with some of that weight back on and I couldn't be happier - I'm now looking forward to a Slimmer Summer! Also, my cousin's wife joined last September and so far she has lost over 50lbs!! She was my inspiration to get back into it and hopefully some of the stories you will hear at your meeting will be yours! best of luck!!
love struck Posts: 1125
MrsSOS I decided after having a baby to go to weight watchers i have no lack of confidence so it was no problem to me... However my sister who needed to loose weight also didnt want to go by herself as she was a little apprehensive and sky.. So I travelled to her meeting with her for 3 weeks (she lives away from me and I have a meeting beside me) so she would build up her confidence since then 6months ago she has gone by herself she is now nearly 2.5stone lighter and doesnt lack any confidence now.. So my point is, at 1st it is difficult fr her, but she certainly doesnt lack confidence anymore and once she saw how easy it was and everyone was in the same situation she was fine.. So best of luck, you will meet loads of people in the same boat and your leader usually is very supportive.. :wv
Doll Posts: 525
MrsSOS, Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with ww. I too started alone so I know how nervous you are feeling. But don't worry you can do it. There is so many ppl there to support you after all everyone i there for the same reason. There is no better feeling in the world when you get your silver 7 (when you lose 7 pounds) or your stone (when you lose a stone). Other members are genuinely happy for you and you usually get a motivating clap. I started ww at 13stone 7 pounds and a size 16 I now weigh 10stone 5.5 pounds and am a size 10. I've a little to go to goal but so proud of what I've achieved so far. Let us know how you get on. Here comes the new you. :wv
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Best of luck with it. You really should go and dont worry your shyness will only last a few minutes! Lots of people at my meeting are on their own. The girls are right too, do stay for the meetings. Let us know how you get on :o)ll