Weight Watchers points please?

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Jeidi Posts: 3128
Can anyone tell me if I'm right or wrong here. Veg chow mein - 4 points? Bottle of white wine - 7 points? I know its early in the day but I'm planning ahead!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Hey - here is a good site to get points for eating out etc! Veg chow mein could be 4 but tbh I always over point take-aways because you've no idea how much oil they use etc! Bottle of wine is approx 7.5-8 points depending on the vino!
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
i have to takeaway book from Ww and ver chow mein is 5 points. not to sure on the wine as i dont drink it
Jeidi Posts: 3128
great thanks, Ill leave 5 for the chow mein and 8 for the wine. better head out for a walk!
Skittlespink Posts: 406
Anyone know what the new bulmers pear is in points??? There is no info on the can to calculate...and its not even for me..my H2B wants to know as I have him obsessed by the points counting!! :wv
nutcake Posts: 1168
bulmers pear is being taken off the market because it has a laxitive effect!!!
Skittlespink Posts: 406
thats mental... was it on the news?
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
oh so tired excellent website, great to have all that info, thats a good one about pears bulmers, i was so bold the weekend i think ill go out buy a few bottles for a quick fix :o0
mrspants Posts: 4652
[quote="nutcake":2qz4eiya]bulmers pear is being taken off the market because it has a laxitive effect!!![/quote:2qz4eiya] No it's not. An in law of mine is in the trade and said Bulmers have no intention of doing this. The drink has passed all standards checks. It appears to have this affect on some people, but not on the majority, just rumour mill.