Weight Watchers while pregnant?

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meandmyself Posts: 149
Hi all! So I got a BFP last Friday, went to doctor yesterday to comfirm, had a little bit of spotting just before my appointment, got a BFN when she tested, she explained the whole thing about their tests not being as sensitive as the ones you get in the chemist and to come back in two weeks. Obviously that wasn't good enough for me so in I went to chemist and got myself another clear blue digital test, done it when I got home and BOOM there it was BFP with the 1-2 weeks conception indicator thingy. Spotting has gone, there was very very little in first place and hopefully it won't come back. Had it on DS too so I know its not normal but it can happen. So I have decided to be positive and assume the Clear Blue tests are right and that I must be pregnant, and please God everything will go well. I don't know why I had to include all that info in my post but I suppose I have to tell someone!!!!! Anyway. just wondering if anyone continued with weight watchers while they were/are pregant? I have a good stone and a half to loose, if I weren't (possibly) pregnant I would be aiming for more of a weight loss than that. I'm not massive but I would consider myself to be overweight, and I know its not healthy to be overweight when pregnant. Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks Ladies, and sorry about me rambleing on and on!!
noc Posts: 1802
I'm not a doctor but I think you must be crazy if you think you should continue with Weight Watchers while you are pregnant. You need certain levels of nutrients to give the developing baby the best chance in life. To get sufficient levels of those nutrients you must eat a certain amount of food. When you cut down on what you're eating to lose weight you do also end up cutting down on the level of many nutrients you consume other than just fats and sugars. Vitamin supplements are all well and good but it is far easier and healthier for the body to absorb nutrients from food than from tablets. The best thing you can do if you're concerned about your weight is just to try to eat healthily. Avoid junk food. That will help you not to put on an excessive amount of weight. You should not ever aim to [i:gdrqb7ml]lose[/i:gdrqb7ml] weight in pregnancy. All pregnant women are supposed to put on some weight. How much you should ideally put on depends on your starting weight. I'd say if WW knew you were pregnant they wouldn't let you continue anyway as their diet is not designed with the specific nutritional needs of pregnant women or growing foetuses in mind! So step one is just to avoid junk food and eat as healthily as possible (that means getting enough calories and nutrients to support your baby's development as well as supporting your own body which will have to work much harder over the coming 9 months). The step two is not to obsess or worry about your weight and to concentrate instead on the positives of pregnancy. You will have plenty of time to get your weight back on track after the baby is born. I can say this from experience that I felt I could have lost a stone too before I became pregnant but you just have to put that on hold. You've no choice really. Most importantly, if you are really concerned about weight, talk to your doctor. They will let you know why it is important to make sure you are getting good nutrition during pregnancy and how to go about that while keeping the weight gain under control as much as possible.
jdurso Posts: 351
You cannot diet whilst pregnant - I think that you should go to a nutritionist if you are concerned. Depending on your BMI you may need to undergo tests for gestational diabetes at about 22 weeks.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
You shouldn't diet when you're pregnant. Some people need to watch what they eat to avoid gestational diabetes etc but that in itself is not dieting but rather eating the way we all should be! There's not a lot you can do about your weight - in the past week I've put on nearly half a stone I reckon but it's all fluid retention from my feet up to my neck practically - no amount of water etc will get rid of it so it's a case of waiting until after baby arrives for nature to take its course! I will most likely weigh less once baby is born than I did when I got my BFP but that's down to being sick for most of the pregnancy, in & out of hospital etc so not something I would wish on another! Congrats on your BFP - enjoy it!!!
MrsBuck Posts: 846
Weight watches specifiy in their rules that you cannot continue to be a member whilst pregnant, so even if you wanted to continue dieting ( which you so shouldn't do) you can't attend meetings etc. Congrats on your BFP!
babybrain2012 Posts: 185
I don't think the op was thinking of going on a crash diet, she is just recognising that she has excess weight on at the minute. cgkk - of course the advice about seeing a nutritionist or going to your doctor is correct but imo while I wouldn't stay on ww I can't see any harm in you eating healthily and cutting out junk food but making sure you don't go hungry - kind of what we all should be doing! Congrats on the bfp
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I wouldn't see anything wrong with losing a little weight while pregnant but only if it's done sensibly ie eating lots of fruit and veg, lots of water, sensible exercise like walking, swimming. they are all things that are good for a person whether pregnant or not and will probably result in some weight loss, initially anyway until your pregnanyc weight gain kicks in. I found that i actually lost half a stone the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy - a combination of no booze, healthier food and less junk. Of course it all caught up when the pregnancy weight gain started but it certainly didn't do any harm imo. I'd agree with the ladies that said not to keep up WW though, WW is a weight loss plan, not neccessarily a healthy eating plan.
MiniBlingfor2012 Posts: 673
Hi cgkk :wv and congrats on your bfp, hope all goes well for you! As the other girls mentioned you are not allowed to continue on with ww when pregnant. I was a member before becoming pregnant myself and after getting to goal used the program to maintain but still had to leave it once I got my BFP. You can use the tools you've used with ww with regards to healthy eating while pregnant in terms of controlling your portion size, eating as much fruit and veg and continuing exercise but with the difference that you do not do it to lose weight just to keep healthy. Don't worry about the weight for now, but once you are back with the doc maybe mention it and your concerns and they will help, depending on your BMI you may not be as bad as you think. Best of luck and hope everything progresses nicely for you :o)ll
ExcitedWifey Posts: 5
Apparently slimming world have a pregnancy friendly plan you can follow while pregnant - i met my MW yesterday, and was told if i really wanted to keep weight gain to a minimum, that it's generally not frowned upon to do that plan
noc Posts: 1802
There's an article on the Babycenter web site on this topic. Worth a read: [url:1vzad3hp]http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/plus-size/safetodietexpert/[/url:1vzad3hp]