Weightwatchers and Early Pregnancy

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jamie1 Posts: 94
Hi there, Only got my BFP this week and I'm barely 4 weeks gone. But I have a question about weightwatchers. I started WW a month ago when I was 2 and a bit stone over a BMI of 25. Since then I've lost 7.5lbs, so obviously I have a long way to go to a healthy BMI. But now I've just found out I'm preggers. I know the official advise from WW is that it is not suitable for pregnant women, but this is new advice and really only to cover their backs I imagine. Does anyone know what the "old" points for pregnant women were? I asked my doc and she said simply that a healthy and varied diet would be fine. Obviously I don't want to be doing anything unhealthy, but I know that you're not supposed to gain much in the 1st trimester anyway and surely it would be better for me to start the 2nd tri at a healthier weight than I am now to avoid all the complications of being overweight and pregnant. So any experts know how many "points" I should be aiming for per day? Any advice much apprecitated! Jamie1 *)
wombats Posts: 665
Well done on the weight loss so far. However, it is not advisable at all to diet while pregnant so you're going to have to leave the points to one side for now and just concentrate on eating healthily. I would still use the low-fat products and light milk etc and make sure you have lots of fruit and veg, wholegrain bread, etc but you really shouldn't be watching too strictly if you're hungry you have to eat. You may find as time goes on and you may/may not get morning sickness that sometimes the only thing that works is to eat. If this is the case you're going to make yourself more sick by not eating iukwim. plenty time for WW again afterwards - that's my theory anyway!
sinion Posts: 6050
definitely steer clear of WW or any kind of dieting, your baby will be taking so much from you and your diet, this is the most important time for you to be eating right! You'll also start getting a lot hungrier as the weeks go on, your body will be working overtime to create this new life so if you're not fueling yourself right you will suffer. Just try and change your diet to a wholesome one, before getting pregnant my diet really wasn't great but knowing I'm looking after two now I've totally changed it and I'm loving it. You'll need to start snacking in between meals too to keep your energy up so keeps lots of fruit and yoghurts handy, dried fruits are great too as you'll most likely get constipated too! You can change to wholegrain bread, brown rice and pasta, lots of fresh meat and veg, and you can still do all this as low fat options, just never let youself go hungry or skip meals. Honestly, the worst thing you can do now for yourself and your baby is to diet.
jamie1 Posts: 94
Yeah, that all makes sense. Thanks! I suppose I just wish that someone could give me a figure for the number of calories I should be aiming for per day, rather than just saying "eat healthily". I do eat very healthily, I just eat way too much healthy food! But if I have a guideline, not necessarily one with which I would lose weight, but one that would mean that I gain weight in as healthy as way as possible, then I'd know where I was at! Will ask again at the docs. You used to be able to do WW up until the 12th week of pregnancy :eek
silíní Posts: 4219
Jamie many of the pregnancy books give you a pregnancy diet to follow, which outlines how much of the different food types would be suitable, so maybe follow them in terms of portion size. There is a book by Patrick Holford also called 'Optimal nutrition before, during and after pregnancy' which you can get cheap/2nd hand on amazon and which would give you a good idea of amount of calories etc. My midwife also gave me a booklet on eating healthily in pregnancy which gave portion sizes etc so maybe ask for one of those..... THen at least you will feel you are following something, but it will be a diet which is suitable for pregnancy. The first 12 weeks are so important for your baby's development, so try to concentrate on that I think.............
jamie1 Posts: 94
Thanks for that I will get myself a copy :thnk