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MrsDelight Posts: 206
Hello Girls, I am just sitting with a cuppa tea when my baby is sleeping and I have just decided that not is the time that I loose the last few pregnancy lbs I gained and want to get back to the weight I was for my wedding. :) I have pulled out all my old books (old points and propoints - still deciding which I am going to follow.) There is 9 wks to Christmas and I really want to be back to the old me by then and I though what better motivation than get back to this forum and get started. Anyone want to join me on this 9 wk challenge? :innocent:
MrsDelight Posts: 206
I have decided to go for the old points system as that really worked for me back when I initially did ww and became a gold member. I dug out my old trackers and I lost a stone in 6 wks so hoping I can do the same this time :) No one wants to join me? :innocent: coooommmeeeeeeeeee on.... its be "fun" :o0
Nostress Posts: 1606
I am in. I hit goal weight while on honeymoon - don't ask how but I lost 5lbs in 2 weeks, Then I came home and put on 13!!!! :o( and that's only in two weeks Started counting pro points on Monday, drinking 1.5l water a day and hoping to lose the 13 again by christmas. I want to wear this outfit and I am not buying the trousers until they are a 10-12 on me [attachment=0:16cr3fif]Christmas.JPG[/attachment:16cr3fif] Running is starting back again on Sat - hopefully this will help loads.
MrsDelight Posts: 206
Welcome :) Wow the outfit is amazeballs!! I wouldnt mind something similar but have pair on Jeans which are my gold... must get my fat arse into them by xmas. How do you find propoints? I am doing the old points as I know them by heart whereas the propoints is new to me and I know i lost weight with the old system. I hate that its so easy to put on weight and so much harder to loose it.... but think we would be well able to do it by xmas.... I have been eating really crappy lately and as I am home all day with baby I just snack on chocolate and crap so need to cut that out. I might actually start using my home gym....
goldie. Posts: 1233
I'm in too. Need a bit of a push to get the last0.5 stone off.
squinn Posts: 169
I'm in! Had been doing great but fallen off the wagon big time over last 4 weeks and can't run at the moment because of knee injury so defo need to watch diet from now to xmas. Only need to lose bout half stone and do some serious toning
goldie. Posts: 1233
Ok Halloween was bad and now I have well over half a stone to go :duh: