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M Chereux Posts: 391
Have to say Im finding it shocking to pick and choose what kids you have. and saying if the child was born with Downs that they might look into fostering or adoption :eek I really got a little angry when he said that! They seem to be very materialistic. Anyone else watching it?
Aw really wanted to watch this and forgot about it. I love the ad when the little boy says "someone in school called me gay today and I said, does it matter"? He seems like such a lovely little thing.
I Do I Do Posts: 272
I nearly fell off the couch when he said that about if the baby was born with Downs... It is an interesting programme though, felt really sorry for the little girl when she was talking about her mum.
stickwoman Posts: 2394
Forgot about it... crap! Meant to watch it and completely forgot!!!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Oh No! It's sounds like my kind of programme. I would have found in interesting by the sounds of it anyway. Will it be on the Channel 4 website do you think?
pocketrocket Posts: 350
Hi, yep i watched it and the thing i found the strangest is the fact they froze the identical twin embryo and had him inplanted into a surrogate 3 years later!! WTF!! So now there are identical twin brothers that are 3 years apart in age!! Whats that all about!
M Chereux Posts: 391
Yea I found the programme interesting alright but I just didnt really agree with the whole thing. There was nothing wrong with them having a surrogate mother but I really felt they were shopping for their children and I felt it was really out of order, Felt that the kids had good grasp on what was going on but I didnt really like the dad that was most prodominant in the show I felt he was really superficial and materialistic and really got annoyed when he thought one of the twins may have downs he might consider fostering or adoption, That was bang out of order. That showed me he didnt want children he wanted a certain type of child and if it didnt suit his lifestyle then he didnt want it! I didnt think it was right.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
I wanted to see that programe too and forgot - my memory is shot to pieces, I keep forgetting to Sky+ programmes >:o( I saw the ad with the little boy, thought it was brilliant, fair play to him. The idea of picking and choosing what kind of child you want, infuriates me! >:o( Each child is a blessing even if they have some sort of disability or have the wrong bloody colour hair!! Just have a look at how many of us are over in TCC just aching to have a child of our own, and these pr*cks are picking and choosing what kind of child they want. Sickening!
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
Whilst I completly agree with gay couples being able to adopt (if they are suitable of course) or giving their dna towards a baby, I think the whole idea of having a designer child (picking eye colour, sex etc) is so materialistic. Actually coming out and saying you want a child for 'pure looks this time' is awful.. why? are your present kids not good looking enough? I think both boys and the girl we're gorgeous! APART from that though, I thought they were great daddies and you could see how much they loved their kids, I just didnt like them picking out body parts which is something a hetro couple might also do. I just dont agree with toying around with that sort of thing personally
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
glad i didnt see it as someone who has been ttcing for three years and now has to go down the route of iui with donor sperm :o(