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tinyfeet Posts: 3482
I was just on my break in work & I felt this weird high up pain in my belly. First I thought I was going to get sick then my legs went kind of weak & I felt faint. Sitting here now & the pain is still there, it's not like cramps it's more a kind of overbearing heavy pain. It's hard to describe. I wonder could it be coz of my bra. It's horrible.
brideparis Posts: 17
it could very well be, i have had to stop wearing a bra very early on (I'm 8 weeks now), i found it gave me a pain as you described.
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Thanks brideparis, it's just my normal underwire one so maybe it's time to go changing to maternity bras.
coconut Posts: 2183
yeah underwire can be very sore when u are pregnant!