Weird sensation, is it just movement?

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tilsun Posts: 4506
I am not getting real kicks yet, still more wriggling around. But I am getting this really weird sensation lately. It's like as if my whole bump throbs once. I can feel it in my vagina and down into my rectum most strongly :-8 It can happen a couple of times in a row or just a few times throughout the day. Not sure if I'm describing it well at all. Is it the baby moving of some sort of uterus stretching? I half wondered if it might be braxton hicks but it is in no way sore so doesn't seem like it would be. Anyone else ever experience this?
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Its possibly a combination of both depending on the way the baby is lying! I had been having weird sensations in the pit of my belly and even lower, but know that I had been kicked up at my left side of my ribcage, and when I mentioned this to my mam, she said, baby is probably moving their hands and doing handstands to cause the feeling!!! I never even thought of the hands!!!!! :-8 Doh... was just watching out for kicks.... sue
bubblybaby Posts: 98
I have experienced this and still do sometimes! I think that like the other poster said, its your babs doing handstands down below *) its like a throb down there maybe like babs jumping on your bladder or something?! Never got it in my bum region tho :-8 I'm not great at explaining - maybe its not even the same thing? :wv
xwishingx Posts: 600
It could be baby hiccuping
tilsun Posts: 4506
Thanks for the replies ladies. Don't think it's hiccups as it can sometimes just be one at a time, but it does feel the way others have described hiccups. I do think it may be babs doing a wee somersault that just shakes all my insides as it's getting a little more squashed in there. All my movement is very low down so I guess it's just whatever way uterus is positioned that makes me feel it in weird places :-8 On the plus side my DH felt baby kick last night for the first time, we could actually see my bump move which was amazing. I suppose movements are all getting stronger now. Thanks again :wv