Weird smell and taste of water in the Dublin 16 area?

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Anahita Posts: 1161
Hi, Just wondering if anyone in the Dublin 16 area has noticed a smell or taste of their water? During the week we kept smelling Deep Heat/TCP in our bathroom but we have neither in the house. H2B noticed that it was strongest in the shower and was actually coming off the water. Sure enough I washed my hands at the sink and got the smell. Now it's not over powering but it is there. Then this morning I made tea and I can taste it off that. Has anyone noticed it or heard anything about it? Thanks
MrsAH Posts: 3715
Could be from the recent heavy rains. We are up the mountains, funny smelling water happens from time to time. TCP smell though, it may be the pipes themselves?
Daff Posts: 11644
not that Iv'e noticed and I drink a lot of it. I'm home all day too.