Went dress shopping but didnt get that wow factor :(

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Ms forgetful Posts: 69
hey ladies I went dress shopping yesterday and found a dress that looked fab on (both mam and cousin said it was the nicest id tried on) i just didnt get that wow factor!! Dont get me wrong i loved the dress and it had everything that i was looking for but just didnt get the this is my dress feeling?? Am really confused now although i loved the dress should i keep looking? did anyone feel the same?? really need your help here
hils138 Posts: 680
I never got the wow factor with my dress. I tried the dress on and and really liked it but never got the feeling that if I couldn't have it I would die!! My opinion (in my case) was there are only so many different ivory/white dress and what was the point in spending weeks looking when I found one I liked. I did get the wow factor when I tried on my veil. Maybe there is only one thing you get the thrill trying on. On the day, I loved my dress. It was very comfortable and looked fab. I am not saying that the one you have seen is the right one but I will say that you may never get the WOW factor. However, you will on the day!!! Good Luck!! O-O
Ms forgetful Posts: 69
thanks hils138 I was the same when i tried the veil on! I absalutly loved it and just wanted it there and then but not with the dress!! think I might go back and try it on again and see how i feel!! Its a bit over budget and im terriefied if i buy it and in a few months time i dont like it any more!!
Shoelover Posts: 473
hey girly did you just go to one shop or a few? i have to say there was a dress i tried on and really liked, then i tried on this other one recently and i did get a wow from it! but im such a stupid indecisive eejit im afraid to decide this early! i was advised to pick a couple of dresses you like, and then try them all on in one day and you'll know then which one you like best. whatever you pick you're gonna look fab, and no one on the day is gonna know which dress you nearly picked or half loved or didn't pick. they'll just see the radiant you in the one you're wearing. i think if you feel comfy, are confident in it, and feel lovely, then that's enough to ask of one dress! xx
jenr Posts: 313
I honestly think you should try more dresses, wedding dresses are beautiful and im sure loads will look fab but i was so sure when i found the one because it was amazing on me and complimented me in every way and when the veil went on i just cried i was so happy! dont give up yet, give it a chance- did the assistant suggest any that you might not have picked yourself?
Ms forgetful Posts: 69
Hey shoelover I went to 4 shops and easily tried on 17 dresses, im going to another 3 shops this saturday. I think my problem is im so indecisive too. I think i will keep looking i think and as you said narrow it down to a few and then at least i will know im not missing out on my dream dress!! I feel really upset about it but i think its the fact that the type of dress i loved and always wanted does nothing for my figure.
Shoelover Posts: 473
we are the same person!!! i wanted big skirt, no detail or beading, straps, definately not lacy, slim fitting or strapless..........what do i fall in love with......slim fitting, lacy, strapless with beading and a bow!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 im serious! the other one i liked was very simple strapless with a simple beaded belt detail (enzoani 'Auburn') , but when i tried on this other one i just thought oooohhhhhhhh so different i love it! its Pronovias Galaica you just don't know what suits you in the end! iv been to 4 shops, and will prob look at one more and if i don't like anything as much there ill stick with my two finalists! if i do really like something there, i'll keep looking!!! i wish thee was just one big dress shop and that was it! im always like 'but what if my REAL DREAM dress is in the next shop!!!!!!!!
Ms forgetful Posts: 69
I know its so fustrating H2B doesnt know how easy he has it all he has to do is get a suit! the dress is edel tuite treasa i havent a clue how to post pic's!! i will keep looking i still have a year from yesterday so no panic!!
JRS Girl Posts: 35
Looking for that dream dress nearly drove me insane. I went to all the usual places but tried on nothing, then one day I went by chance to a small bridal shop in the country and I tried on three dresses, all were lovely, none made me feel WOW , but one looked more flattering on me then all the rest and I felt comfortable in it and new I wouldn't fidgit all day in it. I saw that at a wedding once and the brides dress was fab but she looked in pain all day. Now my dress has arrived and I love it , it suits me, it's figured in as I am petite and all the fairytale dresses made me look like a marshmallow. Vera Wang OMG - they are very very ugly dresses, not my cup of tea or budget and my sister works there in BT , but they were yuk! Fell confident and comfy in your dress you'll look amazing on the day as it will show in your body language and your face ........ BTW - my dress is available in lots of Dublin bridal shops but €1000 dearer ??? JRS
Irish Posts: 76
JRS Girl, can I ask where you got your dress? 1k cheaper! I must check it out!