Went for a Smear test this morning & ....

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SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
Hi Girls, Went for a run of the mill Smear Test ( on the free cervical screening programme ) as just haven't been right the past couple of mths - getting period & heavy bleeding every 1.5 to 2 wks & the Dr ended up doing a full internal (TMI i Know ) .. I am not being refered to Vincents for an ultrasound on my pelvis followed with an appt with a gynacologist in Blackrock Clinic as there is something wrong - have to get the above done in the next couple of wks.. Sitting here in work in total shock - don't want to be here. Am so worried.... anyone been through the same?
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Did the Dr. say what might be wrong??
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
TBH the "C" word hasnt been ruled out - showing alot of the symptoms associated with it & am terrified its that..
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Well first off the Dr. has done the right thing by referring you on for further tests. Make sure you contact the relevant places to book your appointments as soon as you can - that way you can focus yourself on getting these done. Hopefully it is just precautionary. Remember there are a lot of symptoms etc that are related to C that are also related to many other things. I was at a talk a few weeks ago about the emotional effects of C and the oncologist at it couldn't say this enough times. If you are feeling very worried that it may be this (and fingers crossed it's not) you could give the Irish Cancer Society a call 1 800 200 700 Mon-Thurs 9am-7pm, Fri 9am-5pm. They have nurses managing the helpline who will be able to talk to you - at the very least they'll be able to offer you support! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! xxxx :xox
fabcards Posts: 541
Maybe your own doctor could do some blood test in the mean time ...that might help ease your mind
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Sorry to hear about your smear test. Hopefully, it is just your doctor being over cautious. I had something similar to you over the past few years and have just had an operation in St. Vincents and going back to my consultant tomorrow in Blackrock Clinic. Can I ask who you are being referred to? I was bleeding twice a month for 6 days at a time. It turns out that I had a septum in my womb, fibroids in my uterus & also cysts and fluid in my tubes. I have had the septum removed, cysts and fluid removed 5 weeks ago in St Vincents Private Hospital. The fibroids in my womb were not dealt with as the doctor was not aware of them before he opened me up. I am back to see him tomorrow to see what the next steps are. This was all done very quickly for me too. I had the scan on a Friday, appointment in Blackrock on the Wednesday & was in hospital on the Sunday, operation on the Monday. BTW I did have bowel cancer back in 2007 and so maybe this is why I was so quick being done. Chin up my dear - I will be thinking of you.
scotswedding Posts: 2829
Sparkly, my sister is like you in that when anything like this happens she fast forwards to the worst case scenario and has herself convinced before the doc's office of what dreadful fate awaits her. I can understand that there are thoughts in your head there but don't run ahead and diagnose yourself before you've even had the tests. Your doctor obviously has good reason to refer you for further investigation. Be glad you are dealing with it and hope for the best. Good luck and do let us know how you get on.
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
My sister has had similar problems with mid month bleeding etc, and it turned out to be fibroids and endometriosis. She also has polycystic ovaries same as me. The fact that they are acting straight away is not an area of concern, it is good, it means that they are responding to an issue that clearly needs addressing. Having been poked, proded and invaded internally in the last few years, I also know the panic that comes from being told there is something wrong. I went for a routine smear years ago, and like that was in hospital for a serious of tests in the same week, this went on for quite a while (and to an extent is still going on), and eventually they came to the decision that I have polycystic ovaries. This was causing mid month bleeding, my period not to come for months on end, constant ovarian pain, bloating etc. Anyway my point is try not to panic, they are doing everything they can to take charge of the problem and that is what counts. Also be patient anything to do with periods or general smear related areas can be very hard to diagnose and they will have to rule everything out, so you may be made to feel like a pin cushion for a while, and it will get frustrating, and you will start to think you are going mad and imagining things, but just stick with it and eventually with the right help and care you will get an answer. Once you have an answer you can start to treat it, that is the important thing. I was told I could have cervical cancer and I didn't, I have IBS and I was told it could be colon or bowel cancer, it wasn't. They just have to rule out all the really bad stuff to get to the often more niggly and hard to find simpler stuff. Good luck with it. Thinking of you. Sorebunny xx
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
Well girls, Got my appt for the Pelvic Scan - have it first thing on Tuesday morning followed by a gp appt to have a full set of bloods done
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Best of luck my dear - who is the consultant that you are going to in SVPH? Don't worry when getting the bloods done if you see tests called CA125 or CA19.9 - they are just markers that they use to rule out cancers. I was told that most doctors mark these now on the blood sheets. The nurse that will do your Pelvic exam may be able to give you an indication of what she sees - when I had them done they always answered any questions I had. Let us know how you get on.