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vintagedarling Posts: 43
for my usual Brazilian wax on Saturday. I changed places because I just didn't feel that the quality of the service was up to scratch in the old place, for the price I was paying. Anyway - arrived in and lots of little differences: therapist was more 'efficient' than 'friendly' (fine I thought, she'll just get the job done quickly), no paper undies (er...ok, but she better not get wax all over my nice knickers) unholy pain (oh my God... stop please... please...please) Anyway, I thought nothing of it and was just getting dressed to pay and leave when, on my way out I saw that there was a spatula laid across the tub of wax, and it had wax on it. I think it was [b:1suhoewb]the same spatula she waxed me with[/b:1suhoewb] (and how many others!?) It was a wooden disposable spatula so I can't understand it - esp as there was a box of them underneath on the trolley. Arrived home and lashed on the Sudocream like I always do (I have pretty sensitive skin and always break out for a day or so) But this morning my skin just looks terrible - the whole area is covered in little spots and I'm really worried that she's after infecting me with a manky re-used spatula. Does anyone have any suggestions? I feel a little :-8 and very >:o(
Muse Posts: 1580
God, i would hope she didnt re-use the spatula - but you never know... Did you have a patch test before your wax? If not you could be allergic. Or if you did, did she clean the area before and after waxing you to avoid infection? If you have any questions/comments it might be worth giving the Salon a ring.
lizziebee Posts: 137
capricorn04 Posts: 527
I wouldn't panic too much.... you have gone to a new place, so its normal to compare to your other place I am a therapist, I don't own the salon, so can't say I would follow the exact same practice myself. We don't give out disposable underwear, just ask cleint to leave their own off. I've been to a few places over the years, and the same is done. I would think she binned the spatula after you left, and just forgot to pop it in the bin before leaving the room. She may have changed the spatula several times during your treatment but you may not have realised. Therapist should change everytime there is a bloodspot.
vintagedarling Posts: 43
Thanks for the advice girls. As for the 5 day update - kept putting on the Sudocream so the spots went down although it's still not completely right yet. Turns out the reason it was so painful was because I'd forgotten that my period was due this week - always more sensitive around that time but still won't be going back there for love nor money! :wv