Were you bigger the second time?

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classygal Posts: 436
Going to be a bridesmaid in feb when I'll be 20 weeks pregnant, dress orderd as a size 16, 12 too small, 14 too big but based on bump 16 ordered. The ladies in the shop were all looking at each other saying its her second baby, as if too say she'll be huge! Were you bigger the second time round?
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
I don't think I'm that much bigger this time around, being honest, but then it's early enough days and I could be in denial :o0 But I'm still in size 10 jeans (just about!), so not too bad for 18 weeks tomorrow. People keep telling me I'll explode out any day now though!
mamam Posts: 724
Yep I was a lot bigger on my 2nd on my 1st I put weight on everywhere on my 2nd I was just all bump I was in maternity clothes at 11 wks had a noticeable bump at that stage everybody is different I know a couple of girls that were smaller
funkyfish Posts: 7626
no but i got bigger faster...
silverlight Posts: 628
I'm def a lot smaller this time around. I have also put on less weight, put on over 3 stone with DS & have put on just under 2 stone now so far on this pregnancy.
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
I'm definately bigger earlier ... at the moment I would say I'm the same size as I was when I was 30 weeks on first pg. I'm hoping its just a case of bigger earlier. My weight gain is the same as first pg.
Daff Posts: 11644
Yeh I was huge. Ended up the same weihgt at the end of both though. Even in labour they kept asking me did I feel bigger cause I was measuring big blah blah blah... I was freaking but dd2 was only 5 ozs more than dd1 so not sure where the bump came from cause I'd very little waters when they burst them.
pag Posts: 633
Nope. Am almost 24wks now and actually feel smaller than last time. Not in maternity clothes yet - probably will get another week or so before I have to wear them. That said sonographer has said baby is big so not sure what's going on! I was at wedding at 20 and 22wks and no-one noticed unless specifially told. Not sure what size is best to go for but they should be able to alter it to fit whatever size bump you have.
28-sept-10 Posts: 1832
i definetely feel bigger but everybody keeps telling me im much smaller this time!! id say im definetely bigger now than last time
Daff Posts: 11644
it might depend how long is between pregnancies? dd1 was 9 months old when I got pregnant again.