Were you showing at 8 weeks

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Answersplease Posts: 2
hey girls Planning on ttcing the end of the month and getting married end of aug. If we were to be really lucky, and ended up pregnant 1st month would I have any symptoms or would I be showing @ 8 weeks ( I'm saying 8 weeks bcause this would be using the date of my last period)...I know ecveryone is different, but would love your opinions, thanks in advance girls!!
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Hi there.... I wasn´t showing at all until maybe 5 months, but I have to say tummy was a bit "swollen" the first few weeks, if that makes sense, but I guess you woulnd´t be showing yet...everybody is different though... Good luck with the TTCing :wv
redwifey Posts: 2932
I am 9 weeks today and to be honest I am not really showing, still fitting into my normal clothes etc. I did have some dreadful bloating around week 5/6 but that seems to have subsided a bit. It depends I suppose too on whether you get MS or not - if you do you probably won't gain any wait. I luckily have not got it yet but I have had a couple of weeks of nausea which restricted me in what I could eat so maybe that is why I have not gained a huge amount of weight. I think I have gained around 3 or 4lbs at this stage, not sure what the norm is though. Best of luck with TTC.
problemchild Posts: 196
I'm coming up on 10 weeks and to be honest morning sickness would be the worry I'd have. I haven't been sick but the nausea is terrible. I have gone right off a lot of foods which in turn means I'm not eating. I lack the energy I use to have. I love walking but I can't these days. In fact I was so tired yesterday I pulled a sicky and slept most of the day. :eek I just wouldn't have liked to have my wedding and not be able to enjoy it.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I'm almost 13 weeks now and have put on 2lbs, BUT I was showing at 8 weeks. Not a baby bump obviously but a rounded bloated belly. Saying that I wasn't vomiting. We were on holidays with friends of ours at the time and I had to tell them, and when I did they said it was obvious, but if I really wanted to I suppose I could have hid it.
Sugababe* Posts: 988
No i wasn't showing at 8 weeks.I think i started showing around 4 months or maybe nearly 5 months.
Hot Mama Posts: 206
No i wasnt showing - only really starting to show now
dreamer Posts: 3941
Heya, I am 8 weeks on Monday and no, not showing. I don't really know if it depends on your size or shape etc. I am a slim size 10 (well we will be saying goodbye to that shortly) but I expect to show quite early! Maybe I am wrong. However, as another poster said, I did the same thing that you are doing starting tcc'ing before the wedding and worked first time, but I am not sure I'd rush in to it if I was back again. Have had dreadful nausea 24 hours a day and little or no energy to do anything wedding related!! I am quite bloated all the time too!!!
nofrills Posts: 54
Hey Girls, I did pretty much the same & worked first time, so I was 8 weeks pregnant (well 8 wks from my LMP) on my wedding day, & I didn't really show, however I did have bloating, & my boobs got bigger so much so that my dress was pretty tight on. I was so lucky no morning sickness except the odd nauseous feeling in the morning. But I always had a few crackers around & I was grand. I got married abroad so lots of guests over for the week of the wedding, lots of nights out & late ones at that, so its hard to keep the party going when you are pregnant & not drinking, & nobody really knowing. But its all good now, I'm 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow, & all is good, just starting to get a wee bump now, still wearing my own clothes with the help of adjustable waist fasteners, amazing girls, you should get some. Good Luck with the wedding & the TCC!
Answersplease Posts: 2
hey girls Thanks a mill for all your replies. We've had a chat about it and we've decided were gonna wait til next month to try, don't think it would be worth risking I know that might sound selfish but hopefully it won't take to long to get our bfp! Don't think I could cope with ms on the day - I'll prob be nausious enough on the day. Best of luck with all your pregnancies, and hopefully I'll be joining you all soon xxx. *)