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superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
hi all, i was hoping someone could give me a bit of advise on places to stay in the west of Ireland....we were thinking of going for a few nights to somewhere straight after the wedding as we have our main honeymoon to the states booked for a few months time. we were thinking maybe going to Co Clare for a few nights than up to Galway? we would be traveling from Cork and def want to include Galway as neither of us have ever been!! :ooh so we could get rid of clare if anyone can advise on anywhere else to team it with....maybe three nights mid week somewhere and than Galway for the Fri and Sat?? any help people?? somewhere to chill out but not iverly expensive??thanks so much xx O:o)
marles Posts: 1397
We stayed in the G Hotel recently and it was just devine!Would you head as far as Mayo?Maybe Westport,again we stayed there a few weekends ago,we stayed in the Plaza and it was lovely. There are some lovely luxury hotels around,would you prefer real luxury or a really good quality hotel. The Radisson in Galway is also lovely.
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
hey thanks for the reply! we are planning on 5 nights away so 3 nights mid week somewhere, and the weekend in Galway?? maybe if we went up to westport and down to galway for the wkend? is westport really nice for mid week things to do etc? beach? sorry im clueless!! :hic i think we want abit of luxary but not too snoby if you get me.... someone told me the g s abit out of the city?? thanks again x
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
We went to Westport two weeks ago as we had got a wedding present of a voucher for the Plaza. It was fab there. Jacuzzi is standard in all rooms. They have really good offers there. The spa is great value as well. Didn't notice a beach in Westport but loads of them on Achill island which is nearby. Loads of irish pubs and scenic places to visit nearby. Enjoy wherever you go.
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
hi there we have just come back from the claregalway hotel. its a fab hotel and the food was gorgeous...we only stayed the one night but will defo go back
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
Westport is a great towns to stay in and it has some great hotels. There are lots of day trips that you can do as well, like Crough Patrick, Achill Island etc. The Castlecourt and Plaza are nice hotels. If you did want some great Luxary maybe try Lisloghrey Lodge, but that is not in Westport. If in Galway try to get a hotel in the city centre as there will be more for you to do and you don't have to get taxis. I think the House Hotel is very nice. It is right beside Quay St which is where all the nightlife, restaurants etc are, but the hotel is around the corner so it is quiet enough. The Harbor Hotel is nice as well and has a great view of the Harbor. Hope you have a great time wherever you decide to stay. Sinead
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
well girls thanks so much for the replies....looked at the plaza in westport and it looks amazing so tink we will book tat for 3 nights midweek and than Galway for the 2 nights....hmmm where to book so many there to choose from!! :o)ll :eek
Bluelagoon Posts: 650
Ah only saw this now - have a look at the Ice House in Mayo fantastic hotel and the view is amazing. As for Galway we stayed in The Radisson and it was lovely and only 4 minute walk to eyre square but the spa in it was lovely. Enjoy your trip - good idea to go and chill out after wedding
ilovebiccies Posts: 110
lisloughrey lodge...........you will love it. romantic too. x
Bluelagoon Posts: 650
TV3's deal of the day is with the Carlton Hotel in Galway 3 nights B&B and 2 dinners for 198pp http://www.tv3.ie/dealoftheday.php