Hi Wollies The Westgrove is my local hotel in Clane and it's a place I love to work. Every time I am there I see something new and the locations around the hotel are fantastic for photos. The picture below was taken during the summer but the same location can look incredible also in the autumn when the leaves start to change. If you are looking for a Photographer, Videographer and/or a PhotoBooth for your big day then drop us a line and say hi! We have a very special offer at the moment for all bookings in 2016 and 2017 and you can find more details here - Andy [url=http://www.atl-photography.com/wedding-photographer-special-offer/:92rtjdnc][img:92rtjdnc]https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1699/23620514924_35e3148192.jpg[/img:92rtjdnc][/url:92rtjdnc][url=http://www.atl-photography.com/wedding-photographer-special-offer/:92rtjdnc]- Wedding Photographer - The Westgrove Hotel[/url:92rtjdnc] by [url=http://www.atl-photography.com/wedding-photographer-special-offer/:92rtjdnc]ATL Photography[/url:92rtjdnc]