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fantac Posts: 4109
hiya- my doc is recommending taht we go to wexford. were mid way between dub and wex. cant aford fully private, but could do semi. anyone got experience of wexford? or opinions on where wud be a better option?
shocked22 Posts: 511
Have no experience of Wexford myself but know some friends who have and have no complaints. I also know that Holles street have clinics in Arklow and Greystones which saves the trip into Holles St. for appts. This could also be an option for you? Hope this is of some help to you....
charli Posts: 5994
i have no personal experience but have heard that its very very busy there - under staffed. i am sure it would not compromise care but then i think that is a problem in all large maternity units
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
I was in Wexford, public and it is very good. The waiting times for appointments are not too bad and I was with Dr Gardiel, who is very nice. I was in for a couple of days before I had DS and yes the staff are busy but there was never a time there was not someone there when I needed them. The morning I delivered there were 6 others but that is very busy. I found the nurses great when dealing with my decision not to breastfeed and also my roaring from baby blues! The first few days I had a lovely set of ladies in the room but then I was left with very inconsiderate wagons! ie the one eating chips with her boyfriend at 11pm!! she was not even in labour and was sent home! However, if it is your first the knowledge you get from sharing with other mums is really great. I would of liked the semi private room by the end of my five days and was never as glad to get out of anywhere (but that was me) but again you are not guarenteed the private room! Best of luck wherever you decide
fantac Posts: 4109
thanks woo woo - i asked the doc straight out where would he send his wife and he said wexford as a public patient. he reckons theres no point paynig for the private care as its not like how it is in dublin hospitals with so many junior docs. i'm with francois gardeil too, my gp is an obstritican (sp?) then decided to do gp work. he trained under francois and said he's v good. so i think were gonna go with it thanks for your post - was a bit scared!! :thnk
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
airyfairy - I had our baby just 5 weeks ago this evening, actually I was still in labour this time 5 weeks ago and In wexford general. I went private with Dr Gardeil and I was lucky enough to get a private room but that aside the midwives are FANTASTIC - the nurses on the labour ward are FANTASTIC, in fact I couldnt recommend the staff and the hospital highly enough - to be honest even the kitchen and cleaning staff were brilliant and so kind, they just couldnt do enough for you. HTH MrsNoc