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sineaaad Posts: 402
Girls, I'm thinking of going private in Wexford general Hospital. Has anybody got any experience of Wexford Hosp and can anyone recommend a consultant? Cheers!!
fantac Posts: 4109
YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY someone else at last! i'm with francois gardeil and he is LOVELY, couldnt fault any aspect of wex so far. on another note - we're going public there - started off private, but gp recommended public as because its a small hosp with teeny wards (4 beds max) and only 2 consultants with minimal junior docs, you get semi private level of care anyway. so he thought unless there were complications or it was a precarious pregnancy there was no point spending the extra money. his own wife had 2 babies there on the public scheme
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Majority of the people in my area go to Wexford and I've been hearing really good reports about it!!
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i had my babs in wexford we went public and they were great. i must say the midwifes in labour ward were so nice. i was under Gardeil also but only saw him at start then saw other docs whole way through. SnuggleMuffin is rite to bout only 4 beds in a room, after i had babs i was wheeled into a 4 bed room and i was only one with a baby, 1 was waiting on a c section, 1 had twins in ICU and the other was gone by morning so really quiet, cant recommend wexford enough.
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
I agree with the girls Wexford is great, the staff are lovely but it is getting busier. I was with Gardiel and found him great, especially as DS arrived quiet quickly and early. About going private you are not guarenteed the bed so that is why going public is very normal and the waiting times for the public appointment are good. All the best
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I had DS in Wexford General too. I went private under Dr Gardeil. I truely believe he saved DS life due to his care the whole way through pregnancy and his actions during the birth. He is so skilled that even though I had suction delivery, I did not need stitches. And he is a complete gentleman. I would consider it the best 2k I ever spent to have DS safe and well. WRT Wex general, I would have absolutlely no faults with them at all. The midwives are lovely, and there's no reason NOT to have your baby there. Good luck! :wv
fantac Posts: 4109
[quote="Desert-Moon":2hkjsdpn] He is so skilled that even though I had suction delivery, I did not need stitches. And he is a complete gentleman. I would consider it the best 2k I ever spent to have DS safe and well. [/quote:2hkjsdpn] oooooo, now i am tempted back to private - thats a fab testimony for him. we had a hairy few weeks at the start and even tho i'm public, i've seen him 3 times already. back for big scan on tue - and am almost looking forward to seein dr gardeil as much as bubs (well, not quite, but he is really very very nice)
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Hiya ladies Im another Mammy with only fantastic things to say about Dr Gardeil, we went private with him and he is a perfect gentleman, we had a few scary moments near the end of my labour as babs was so big and it was getting near emergency c section stage, but he performed and episiotomy and forceps and out she came, he knew I didnt want a section if at all possible, and he kept me in for 4 days and that was over a weekend and came in to see me and babs every day (even sunday!) I was never so comfortable with someone staring up my nether regions :o0 :o0 We went private in wex hospital also did get a private room and it was great, and I couldnt compliment the midwives, nurses, kitchen staff, cleaners etc etc enough. Everyone was brilliant to us and so kind. Good Luck and hope that everything goes brilliant for you as it did for us MrsNoc