Wexford night out

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missbridie2b Posts: 183
Hi My sis, my friend and I are staying in Whites Hotel next Saturday. We're going to The Yard for dinner and planning to go for a few drinks after. Any good pub recommendations you could send my way would be great. Thanks!
LoveBrowsing Posts: 59
Maggie Mays and T Morris are probably your best bet! Also the front bar of the Stores is really good on a Saturday night!! They are all really close to the Yard too HTH :)
missbridie2b Posts: 183
Thanks a mill LoveBrowsing. Will check those places out!:)
tigerlee Posts: 14
Ahhh you are staying the night of my wedding :xox maggie mays and sky in the ground best pubs about town. Enjoy x
missbridie2b Posts: 183
No way tigerlee! If I happen to see you i'll be sure to say :wv Have an amazing day. You must be so excited :o)ll
tigerlee Posts: 14
Yeah do say hello. So so excited. I'm sure I will meet ya in residence bar at all hours ha ha. Do try get into spa in whites, it's fab. I'm only home from day there. So relaxing :compress
missbridie2b Posts: 183
Been to the spa before - it's fab. Who knows, might see ya at the residents bar O-O