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*bubblez* Posts: 1599
just watched the harvery goldsmith thing on channel four about sam mumba now I've met the girl on a few occasions and always thought she was up her own bum but my god how dillusional can you get she sold 24 tickets for a concert and yet things the whole world owes her a career get over yourself put some clothes on and dissappear back under the rock you came from... she's another catherine zeta jones when i knew her she spoke with a thick dublin accent now she's bording on insanity with her dublin/london/la accent... people like her really piss me off..... no talent wannabe
NYE 08 Posts: 123
I watched bits of it but she was doing my head in so I had to turn it off
Fluffer Posts: 2672
Ah feck i missed it!
sunflowers26/09/07 Posts: 512
I felt like she acted like a complete diva. I think the man knows what they hell he is doing as he has been in the business since Jesus was a child. She acted like she was doing him a favour by allowing him to help her.
lucylou07 Posts: 560
yeah, thought she came across really badly. She's totally deluded & a huge ego.
sunflowers26/09/07 Posts: 512
I wonder if she is going to take over a judge on X-Factor or if she is going to release that new CD.
bingowings Posts: 1388
She was on the radio last week talking about that concert and sounded very upset. I think she could have been huge here, but when she went to the US she got forgotten about
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
she should forget about LA, didn't get the whole LA accent either, she's from fecking drumcondra! her manager (Ray) needs to be given the boot, I thought he was the one holding her back, especially UK wise. She has a great voice but did come over as a bit of a diva!
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
To be honest, looking past the fact that she went to the US, is deluded, didn't sell tickets, forgot about Ireland, has a diva complex, I think that really the problem was that she was... really shit.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
She really did herself no favours doing that show... came across as a complete madam and not at all commited to her music. It's not on at any level to turn up three and a half hours late for a meeting and dismiss it saying 'for someone who's used to dealing with rock stars (eh, I don't think so Sam love :o0 ), it was very unprofessional of him to go on about it'!!!!!!!!! Her big selling point was always the whole sweet, girl next door thing, but she portrayed herself as a sulky child. It's not enough to be able to sing... her attitude stinks.