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KayeG Posts: 152
Its my birthday today!! Ok I'm now 38 but we wont dwell on that! (any older brides on here?) H2B taking me to Glasgow for 2 nights to stay in the Malmaison in a 2level suite! Roll on Saturday :xxx :o)ll :hic :o0 But my 100day countdown to our big day starts today also!!! Bring it on!! :o)ll
Mrs.daffodil2010 Posts: 385
Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your weekend away. Yup, I am an older bride too, good to know there are a few of us knocking about :wv ....but I won't be admitting my age to anyone!! :o0
SilverGirl Posts: 1517
Oh I'm jealous! Have a fab break away and a big happy birthday to you :o)ll
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Awe happy birthday..... age is just a number.... means absolutley nothing :o)ll :o)ll
summersurprise Posts: 1276
Happy Birthday - Have a great trip. Age is but a number! :wv
ms organised Posts: 1069
Happy birthday! Have a great weekend... :o)ll
kilkenny09bride Posts: 402
Happy birthday, have a wonderful weekend :xox :o)ll O-O