what a horrible day

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cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
well i go back to work today after my week off and when i was in the shop i fell-my foot totally slipped on something and down i went bashing my face, knee, elbow and hip...a worker came running over and they got me a chair and a glass of water then told me straight away that there's nothing on the floor and i just fell, i went into work all embarrased and then fell in work coz my shoe was still slippery... :-8 at this stage i just wanted to go home so bad and now im all sore :o(
shobie Posts: 1437
Ah god its not funny but i confess I did have a little giggle...funny cos its not me and all that.. :-8 Having got that outta the way, you poor thing, how horrible and the shop were probably terrified you were going to sue...They will prob have filled out an accident report form about what happened anyway just in case you decide to see a solicitor.. Sounds like a bad day all round really, especially to land on your ass in work too....put the feet up and take it easy on yourself tonight! :thnk
venice07 Posts: 564
you poor thing hope your feelin ok
Gabby Posts: 2873
thats awful hope you are ok
rosiebabe Posts: 286
What a horrendous start to the day. I hope you're ok. Chin up - the day can only get better from here on in. :wv
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv Ah, you poor thing.. It's horrible when the day starts of crap.. Hope your ok, make sure H2b, has a bath ran for you for when you get home..
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
That's terrible, what a bad start to the day, hopefully you will feel ok in a while and if you are feeling too sore, why don't you tell the boss, afterall a co-worker saw it happen and helped you so was witness to it!!! as for the shop... covering their ass saying there was nothing on the floor!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
couldnt bring myself to go into the shop today so i had to go to petrol station to get lunch :-8
buzybumble Posts: 831
You poor thing, put your feet up and relax for the rest of the evening *)
gerbil Posts: 3528
ya poor thing, everythign ahppens together doesn't it? hope you had a nice evening! O-O