What a horrible evening.

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Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
The only good thing about it was the hammering that Ireland gave England at Croke Park. :o)ll O-O Don't know what it's like where ye are but it's a miserable wet evening here. Anyone doing anything nice for the rest of the weekend??
excited-bride-to-be Posts: 308
going to a 4th birthdaay party tomorrow. about 20 screaming children in the balls. anyone want to swap????????????????????????/
Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
Oh God no. I plan on staying in bed for a lot of tomorrow. Sounds like pure heaven compared to what's ahead of you. :o0 :o0
NotHere Posts: 10273
It's actually not raining here for a change!
judibaby Posts: 2085
Not raining here but have to go and view a house with my parents tomorrow they are downsizing and can't make up their bloody minds!!!
mad woman Posts: 22106
fooking lashing, sitting here stuffing my gob with strawberry sorbit mmmm...