What about my boobs?

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anastasia beaverhausen Posts: 175
Hey girls, I haven't been on in ages (been up the walls at work), but here I am in 1st timer mode again with a few embarrassing q's :-8 :-8 Most of what I've read about post-pregnancy recovery concerns your nether bits n pieces - but what about my boobs? They only time they seem to be mentioned is in relation to breast feeding. With twins, I can honestly say I don't really plan to bf, so how will my boobs react and recover after birth? How do they feel? Do you still get leaky boobs even if you're not bf? Do they still get sore?? :o(
charli Posts: 5994
wave them bye bye! :o0 only joking, mine recoved fine and i BF for 4 months - you will still get breastmilk but when you dont start feeding it will dry-up. i think sometimes they recommend you to take epsom salts or something just to make sure it all goes but SIL didnt BF and did nothing and it just went, no problems. you wont have the sore nipplies or anything like that. best of luck :wv
Idina Posts: 1289
A couple of my firends who have had babies (I'm a first timer too) mentioned that they were VERY VERY painful for a few days after the birth (this is people who did not BF)