What age can they start play school?

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star sun 1 Posts: 1456
Hi girls, DD is 16 months and not in a creche so she doesn't interact much with other kids. Was just wondering whats the youngest they can start play school? Would love to get her in soon so she can interact with other kids, just for a couple of mornings per week.
expecting no3 Posts: 623
why dont you start going to mother and toddler groups. They are great in that you can stay with her rather than having to leave her. I was concerned about my Ds in that regard as he was being minded by my mam while i returned to work. For me they are the next best thing to a play school as i would imagine that you would have to have her toilet trained. It took my ds a while to settle as he wasnt used to sharing with other kids and I liked being there to supervise him and guide him.
Daff Posts: 11644
MOst places say 2 but our one takes them earlier. They don't need to be toilet trained thankfully, that's what I thought too. dd1 was 21 months starting and she was one of the youngest there. But it was great for her, her speech and social skills really took off. I have friends that [email protected] meet up with a few times a week with kids the same age and we used to go to play centres and groups once or twice a week too but playschool brought it to a whole new level. Just learning simple things like to sit for story time, doing a routine with other kids and then role play etc. Wish I'd done it sooner (but then there's only 18 months between my two so that's why I really needed the help :o0 )
poppy1deux Posts: 228
our creche takes them at any age, so i send my lo every wed from 9-1 she loves it and for 12 euro it gives me a break to do my few things in town
star sun 1 Posts: 1456
Thanks for the replies girls :thnk Poppy1deux where is that creche? I'm based in lucan. That sounds perfect.