what age u all get preg. with 1st baby?

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katey Posts: 682
Guys I'm going to be almost 32 when i get married and really worried about TTC ie that it will take me ages and that i wont be able etc etc. I am becoming obsessed!! What age were all u pregnant ladies when ye got pregnant first time?? Katey
MadameKinky Posts: 222
Hi, I was 33 and DD arrived 8 days after my 34th birthday. She wasn't planned so can't give you any comfort on the time scale but my sister in law got pregnant at 35 after 6 mths of TTC. Try to relax and enjoy the task of making a baby. :xxx :xox
Lily9 Posts: 40
I was 31, nearly 32 when he arrived
billygate Posts: 952
Was 24 for the first one and hopefully will be 31 for the second!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I will be 31 and a half when the first one arrives (all going well). I consider that young by today's standards!
bree Posts: 1880
am 27 will be 28 when he/she arrives !!
mummy bear Posts: 3824
I was 24 when i had my twin girls, hopefully then after wedding will TTC again. My cousin was 36 when she had her baby and it TTC again
KALIKO Posts: 167
I was 29 when my first arrived and hopefully will be 33 when I am having my second - I have no worries and you will be fine
Mama Smurf Posts: 1447
Am 27 and will be 28 when babs arrives
Kellie Posts: 75
I will be 27 but I have a friend who was 37 for her first and has 2 beautiful baby girls now and is expecting again