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loopie Posts: 11
Dear all I have been going to the gym with a personal trainer for two days a week for the last 7 weeks. I have also been supplementing this by going three days a week doing cardiovascular work. Furthermore I have cut out all pasta and bread out of my diet and eat things like salad and cook pieces of chicken for dinner. I can see that I have got so much fitter and that I have a lot more energy and that has to be good for my health. But I just have not lost any weight. I joined weight watchers last night to try and help me lose weight as well. However I was so demotivated as I found I had even put two and half pounds on after all the work over the last two months. Can anyone give me any advice as to what I am doing incorrectly? I am getting married in may next year and I really want to have lost 2 stone. I am really working very hard trying to lose the weight. Am i being totally unrealistic? Do i have any hope at all? A very demotivated gym goer and dieter! Loopie
goldie. Posts: 1233
O Loopie. I feel your pain. After 9 months of going to 3 to 4 aerobics nd spinning classes a week and jogging at weekends I recently went back to weight watchers. I didn't loose a pound through excerise but the ww works. I think that maybe all that excerise builds up muscle or something. Or maybe you eat more and don't realise it or something. Don't worry- it will fall off you now!
puggle Posts: 848
Hi loopie, I started going to the gym/spinning classes 3 times a weeks for the last few weeks. So far I've loss nothing! H2b keeps telling me to keep at it and it will all come good. I'm thinking of signing up to weight watchers. It is hard to keep motivated when the scales are moving in the wrong direction. Maybe try measuring yourself, maybe your tonning up and losing inchs rather than lbs. Do you clothes feel looser?
Lady Mucker Posts: 15
Hi Loopie, I think your problem is that muscle weighs heavier than fat and by going to the gym you are probably building muscle, but at a slower rate than you are losing the fat so the effect on the scales is nil, but i bet that your body is a lot more toned than it was. You should try to measure your body in inches rather than on the scales as this will give you a truer picture. Keep up the good work :wv
happywife Posts: 1575
muscle weighs heavier than fat - also are you comparing your weight at ww to what you were on home/gym scales as my home scales is 5lbs heavier than ww one you sound like your doing really well - rather than going by scales how are your clothes feeling??
letty Posts: 444
hi girls i did 5 months with personal trainer after having a baby,, had 6months to get into my dress...after the fluid had gone i had over a stone to go, the weight was really slow. 1lb every month nearly but he inches was amazing.... keep going the inches are better than weight your toning up..and the weight will come off intime.. i stopped training after i got married coz i went back to work - now i only go about 3 times aweek. and i joined w.w last week.... my first weigh in is tonight..............
Brideofthedecade Posts: 587
I think people have become spoilt by lipotrim/Atkins etc, and expect the weight to just magically fall off within a matter of weeks. But weight loss is a slow and steady process. Exercising is perfect because you're losing inches and you're gaining lean muscle. It's true you won't see it on the scales immediately - and for most people the scales actually go up first because muscle weighs more than fat - but you should feel it in your clothes and eventually the weight starts falling off, simply because muscle requires more calories to exist than fat - so your metabolism rises. Not only do you see yourself losing weight, but you're better able to keep it off as your metabolism is much quicker. I used to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer who specialised in weight loss/management and I've seen so many people become disillusioned because they don't lose seven pounds in one week or whatever the latest diet promises. But the people who decide to go for the fad diet just end up fatter, as their metabolism gets f*cked up. If you exercise and eat well, you will lose weight gradually and once you reach your target weight, if you keep active, you will mantain your weight and have a certain amount of freedom with what you eat.
sue27 Posts: 604
Well said Brideofthedecade! I never weigh myself anymore for the simple reason that I get depressed when I haven't lost anything. I go to the gym 4 times a week doing both cardio and weights, and eventually I know I will fit into my jeans again. I don't care what weight I will be then. I know that the last while I have simply been eating too much rubbish at weekends, even though I have kept the gym up, so I know where I am going wrong. I am now getting my act together again and stick to a balanced diet throughout the whole week AND the weekend, and I just know that's the only way to go.
letty Posts: 444
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
I know how you feel. I was really p*ssed off with being healthy a couple of weeks ago as I felt I was getting nowhere by eating good food and going to the gym 3 times a week. HOWEVER I measured myself and it turns out that I have lost about 7 inches in the last two months. I've also decided to stop weighing myself cos it just depresses me. I can either say "I fit into a size 10 top and a size 12 jeans in Next" or I can say I weigh 12 stone. Which one would you rather admit to?? Stick with it and it will all come right for you. Best of luck!