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lewize Posts: 192
I need some advice or help. I'm trying to get down to my goal weight. I've been very good lately, haven't had white bread and have had a limited amount of potatoes and pasta. Instead I've replaced them with pitta and wraps. I've also been doing muay thai (thai kick boxing) for the last two months. Its defo a good work out and your sweating from the moment you start. I do that twice a week but I'm going to up it to 3 times. I would have thought this was being good but the scales are saying the opposite. I was tring to lose weight but instead I've put on 3kg. That's a lot considering I have been trying to lose 3kg. Now I've 6kg to loose. Help please... I'm so worried I won't fit into my dress.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
HI Could you post your daily diet? Be very careful of wraps as they have as many carbs and grams of fat as white bread, stick to brown pittas or just salads for lunch. You could also be building muscle from the classes so my advice would be to take your measurements as well as weighing yourself.
daisy2012 Posts: 619
First off, I agree with mrssunflower that you should measure yourself - do your tum, bum, thighs, arms - I'd say if you are doing the boxing regularly you are probably toning up and should see a difference on the measuring tape. Also if you can bring your own lunch rather than getting wraps and pittas in the shop as they can be calorific with all the mayo and god knows what else they put in. I totally don't take my own advice but try not to eat late, esp carbs. I'm not a fan of quick fix diets at all, but a few of my friends did the detox off the flat belly diet - its 4 days of hell by the sounds of it, but it flattens the tum alright! How long do you have til your big day? You will be ok..... :action32
Lenni Posts: 133
Hey, try not panic, ur hard work will pay off. Muscle weighs more than fat so if u are toning up you could be getting heavier but still be loosing weight. Judge by your clothes, r as the girls said, measure yourself. Keep going, don't let it set you back, I'd say the muscle is what's uping the scales ;)
MzBrennan2010 Posts: 34
+1 on being careful with wraps & pittas. They actually really aren't that much better for you than bread, and a wrap (the normal large sized one) has almost 200 calories in it, just about the same as 2 slices of bread. It's one of those things that people think are a great 'healthy' swap for bread but are pretty much the same thing. If you've swapped out carbs in your diet for pittas & wraps without making other changes that would drop the overall calories you take in like reducing portion size or cutting down on snacking you can still easily put on weight. at Definitely post your daily diet, warts and all, for people to take a look at. (as in what you actually eat rather than what you planned to eat/an idealised days diet. I used to be a divil for listing what I ate for the day and leaving out bits of cheese, snacks, birthday cake etc. etc.)