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mrs smiley Posts: 393
I dont know where to start. Ive being getting phonecalls the last few days - some sick bastard saying all this sexual crap to me..Anyway I gave up answering 2days ago and just let the phone ring out. But he keeps ringing...I do have to put my fone on silent cause he rings all during the night. Then this morning I wake up to what sounded like someone downstairs loads of banging and very loud. I was scared of my life...it turned out to be a crow!!!Fair enough but we have no chimney and the sensor for the alarm is at the door and the alarm was set. But what woke me was the letter box.....would it be possible for some pyscho to put a bird in a letterbox?I actually got sick from being so scared. I have a children but I am worried for their safety. Im sorry I no this post is a bit all over the place but I really dont no what to do. Im a nervous wreck!A friend is a guard and he said all they are going to tell me to do is to record the times of the calls and what was said. Any advice anyone????
gerbil Posts: 3528
I've been there, it;s horrible but it will pass, and there are at least a few things you can do besides just keeping a log. get onto your phone provider, mobile or landline, immediately, they should have procedures in place to help you deal with this, including changing your number or tracking calls. Threaten them with COMREG if they are unhelpful. Ask to speak directly to customer services, don't get fobbed off with a srevice operator. My advice would be do not speak to the person ringing, do not whistle down phone, do not respond in any way - these peopel get off on response, even negative responses. I would also go directly to your local gardaí and report this, they may not be able to dircetly help but most stations will send round a car at intervals and generally keep an eye on your house, also it starts to provide an official record. HTHS! Also tell neighbours and ask them to tell you if they see anyone hanging around.
Mrs2008 Posts: 812
OMG thats awful - i dont blame you been afraid. Maybe ask your neighbours if they seen anyone around your house this morning and i would definitly report everything to the guards. Hope this stops soon for you.
mammybean Posts: 10364
I am so sorry this is happening to you. I would certaily contact the gardai just as the other poster said at the there will be an official file. In fact i would follow all of those bits of advice from the poster! what about your OH what did he say?
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
This happened to me before and it's just awful, I really feel for you, you poor thing. I don't know if this is an option for you, but I got the number they were ringing from (they didn't hide their ID) and I rang it from a private number. I told them I was Garda Ann O Reilly (for example) that I had tracked their phone number as they had been ringing a 9 year old girl and making sexual comments to them on the phone. Your man nearly sh1t himself and I didn't hear back from him again. I tried his phone a couple more times a few days later but it was constantly engaged. I didn't bother going to the Gardai as I didn't think they'd be able to do a whole lot.
mrs smiley Posts: 393
Thanks for your replies. I gave the phone to my OH when it first started happening and he told him he would bury him a carpark:o:O the friend of ours that is a guard rang and he told him that he would stick a gun up his ass and blow his head off. I was holding it together until the bird incident this morning. My OH knows Im a tough cookie and it takes alot to get at me, he knew when I rang him this morning to tell him and broke down crying that I was really freaked out, There is no logical way where the bird came in apart from letterbox??My OH is on his way home, bless him he was the other end of the country dropped ewverything and is on his way. Seriously though he does not sound well in the head. Myself and OH have decided to go down to guards when he comes home
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Hang on, the bird was IN your house? I'm sorry, I thought you meant that the bird was outside making the noise and you thought it was inside. Jesus, that's absolutely horrible you poor thing. Sit tight and wait for your h2b to come home, and then definitely go to the gardai, that's harrassment.
gerbil Posts: 3528
great, MrsSmiles, definitely go down to the Gardaí and I'm sure having your OH home will make you feel a lot better! I would just say again, these guys get off on the anger and upset they cause and far from scaring them off, replying to them at all usually gives them their kicks. I was told to simply leave the phone down and walk away then come back after three minutes and hangup. The lack of response often makes them move on. Hang on in there though, we found the gardaí very good - they can be very helpful.
Milly83 Posts: 3620
The guards will definately know what to do for you. They might not be able to help straight away but they will put your mind at ease. Is there anyone that you know that would have the capability of doing this? They would have to be somenoe you know if they have your number and know where you live. Make sure you keep your alarm on when you are in the house alone and if they ring again, answer it and dont listen. Let them run up charges.
mrs smiley Posts: 393
Yes the bird was in the house....I nearly died to say the least! When our friend who is a guard rang and introduced himself from so and so garda station he got really agressive and said he would stick a gun up his ass and blow his head off. He did let his number come up the first night it happened so atleast I have a no to give the guards. The last few days though it had being private no. My OH works long hours and it was just the thought of being here in the house and it being dark outside, I thought it was a random pyscho but when I questioned him the first nite he said I no u live in county X and we do!!I cant even think straight any more. Im and tenderhooks - the post came in the letterbox and I got such a fright!