What are contractions like?? I due on Thursday

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Rubee Posts: 483
Hi all I'm due on Thurs and was at doc today and head is not engaged but down in pelvic region so he reckons I'll go soon...I'm very nervous - not ab out the birth as such just the hole being a mum. I'm having period like pains at the mement, totally managable and I'm sitting here reading all the other posts about birth stories and I'm wondering can anyone at all describe the pain of a contraction? No one I've asked so far can describe it....is it cause its that awful??? any info greatly appreciated
NewGirl Posts: 1143
Hi, They are hard to describe, basically for me they started off feeling like mild period pains, they got more intense as time went by. If you can imagine everything down there tightening up so much that you couldn't imagine it tightening any more. This is prob a really bad description as I know it is actually the opposite that is happening. :-8 OK Im doing a really bad job here. basically yes they are very painful but managable IYKWIM, you know you are not going to die and when it does get to the very painful stage that very soon you are going to meet your little baby. For me they were managable up to 5min after aprox 18 hours, I went into hospital where they told me I wasn't in established labour :ooh , i soon went into "proper labour" this was difficult but 4 hrs later I was pushing & babs arrived an hour after that. OK I know I waffeled but basically what Im saying is it is tough going but managable. Not as bad as I had expected. Good luck
madmam Posts: 1294
Mine felt exactly like that - period pains. All the pain stayed down low, and never spread. Obviously they got worse, but for someone like me who had lots of bad period pain I didn't really think I was in labour!
susie05 Posts: 204
Mine started off as a constant ache in my back & then i got the tightening pains in my tumme to join in..so whwn i got into established labour the contractsions would start in the loweset part of my tummy and go the whole way in2 my back iykwim...sorry really bad description :-8
Topolino Posts: 1659
I'd bad period type pains and back pains for about a week before I went to hospital. After my waters broke I'd an hour of really bad period type pains then when the contractions started coming every sixty seconds the pain became horrific. It's like needing to go to the toilet, mixed with the worst period pain imaginable while someone pokes you in the back with hot pokers and sharp knives. I vomited after a few of the really severe ones. It keeps you going knowing that they can only last for sixty seconds and you'll see your baby soon but those sixty seconds feel like sixty years! The contractions before the actual labour (pushing etc) are far worse than the delivery itself imo. Hope I didn't scare you and not everyone has the same experience so try to be as calm as you can and know that you WILL get through it. You HAVE to so you just do.
jen2 Posts: 3106
ONn my first I had back ache, and had to pee with each contraction. I walked about 10 miles that morning. With the last two, I had a tighting in my tummy. Ok this will sounds gross, but put your had on your tummy, and push like you have to do a poo. Thats how your tummy will tighten, then imagine you had to push harder as if constipated, that it gwtting tighter, after that its must a stronger version of that, and it goes into your back. Dont know if that helps, but have been sitting here for two mins trying to think how to explain it. Jen2
agie Posts: 1107
just want to say topolino thats so funny :o0 :o0
Rubee Posts: 483
Thanks so much for your replies, I'm not as freaked out - I THINK!! LOL I had crampy period pains all night but not much today except for a bit of back pain. I'm due tomorrow, it's hard to believe! Thanks again for your replies it means alot.
jen2 Posts: 3106
Rubee best of luck pet, I hope it all goes fast and well. :thnk :thnk :thnk It really is wonderful when you get to hold your baby at the end of the hard work. Enjoy every minute of it.... Jen2
Rubee Posts: 483
Thanks Jen Well no cramps last night and I had a great sleep:) just tired today and getting the back pain and needing to pee sensation -sorry TMI! I getting new boiler in at mo so don't have any heat or imersion so am hoping contractions don't start as I really want a bath LOL. Anyhoo getting excited about it all, and nervious I spose. Maybe the baby is hanging around to be a spring baby in February. Hope all the other Ladies in Waiting are keepiing well! Rubee