What are these pains...?

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Vogue Posts: 426
Hi Ladies, As last few days, I have been taking pains in my lower bump. I can't determine if they're period like cramps or colon cramps ( I have a history of IBS) I have a lot of pressure in my back passage also. They don't sound like your typical braxton hicks as the pain is all to the lower bump...is this just things starting to make way for the baby moving down and the birth? It's quite sore tonight :o(
dec2011B2B Posts: 452
sounds to me like baby has probably dropped lower into ur pelvis, I remember getting a lot of what ur describing from about 33 weeks (was expecting twins so babies dropped earlier) hopefully its a sign of things moving in the right direction. But if ur worried head to doc or hosp. Best of luck O:o) O:o)
Vogue Posts: 426
Thanks for replying jennieG. I felt nothing today so it must be what you say...at least all is moving in the right direction! :o)ll