What are you doing the day after?

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Dec'07 Bride Posts: 8
I want to organise something for the day after the wedding for our families. Any suggestions???
helly01 Posts: 28
were staying in the hotel the night after and having a bbq !
foxybox Posts: 672
I was bm for my friend last week, and she organised a session in her local the next day, and pub put on a bbq. obviously she had to pay for the bbq, but as she had a lot of guests over from england for the weekend, she felt it was worth it. everyone went home that night saying what a great weekend it was.
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
we are just gonna for a few drinks in the local, not organising anything as such, just through word of mouth.
MammyC Posts: 3621
we are going to the local and having some finger food
Mrshappy Posts: 138
thinking of staying in the hotel the 2 nights with close friends and family :lvs
Angel! Posts: 1494
We are having afternoon tea in the castle after we have all checked out. Then me and H2B are hopping on the coach back to Dublin with his family and friends (from overseas). We're checking straight into a Deluxe room in The Westin, with champagne waiting for us. Then that evening, we are having a reserved area in the hotel with finger food for all the familt and friends. We don't know when we'll see his family again, so want to spend lots of time with them. Then the folowing day, we are getting a stretch limo to the airport where we'll have a few drinks with everyone before we all board our seperate flights... :o)ll :o)ll
Fruitcake Posts: 307
wow bokkie, that sounds amazing. We're planning on have a bbq at our house the day after. We're building at the moment so it will be a combined housewarming, day after wedding, it's my sons bday 2 days before the wedding and we're getting married on my h2b's bday and another family member has a milestone bday and it will be the only time all his brothers and sisters are gathered together so it will be a massive celebration. We have a lot of family coming from England and all over Ireland so it will be a chance to spend extra time with them and also quality time with our 2 boys before we head away on honeymoon. Don't know am I taking on too much doing it my self, but think I'll manage to wrangle the bm's and groomsmen into some cooking and catering. Afterwards we're heading to the local where there'll be music laid on.
lindy Posts: 1135
:wv We are heading off on our honeymoon,but i think a few of the guests are planning another night of it, :hic
mini07 Posts: 282
Have booked a local pub who will put on some finger food, won't have too much to drink on the wedding day so wanted to book something so that we could relax and enjoy our friends and family O-O