what are you getting for Christmas???

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jammypaw Posts: 146
Ladies Just as a matter of interest what are you getting for Christmas from your other half or family?? I have to come up with a few ideas…….… I know I don't needed perfume so I'm thinking of vouchers?? What about the rest of you??
kohl Posts: 108
I think Im gonna ask hubby for a voucher for a spa- a massage or a facial maybe. something to help feel pampered :) I also want a new dressing gown because the belt on my own one is struggling to go around/above my bump these days so it'll probably be useless in another month. not the most exciting Christmas present :o0
awsomeusername Posts: 31
Dh and I are doing a token gift only this Christmas. 20 euro is max spend allowed. We have had a lot of unexpected expenses in the last few weeks which has eaten up our emergency funds and into our Christmas one. Can't now justify silly gifts for each other that will leave us strapped for cash. Luckily ds has been sorted for a while so no worries there, but I'd rather get ourselves back on an even keel and food in than a bottle of perfume
MrsK2012 Posts: 905
I'm getting a new watch - i havent worn a watch in the last year or more cos the battery went and the glass on the face got chipped & i just stopped wearing it. I really want a new one with a big face - that one was very dainty....... My birthday is very close to Christmas too so i want new moisturiser for that (I use Dermalogica and I'm nearly out of it) Hubby is great when it comes to presents so I know I'll get more than what i want!
Herewegoagain2013 Posts: 18
We are in a budget too. Haven't a clue what I want!! I like Denby and want new set of dishes but hubbie is refusing to get them as thy are for the house ! Haven't a clue what to get hubbie either
cupcak Posts: 125
I asked for new pjs and clothes voucher - baby due in 5 weeks so figure pjs will be very useful and then hopefully get to buy some nice clothes in a few months when the baby fat is shifted!!