What are you having for lunch?

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Anahita Posts: 1161
I'm thinking on ordering pizza in, I know if I ask around the office loads of people will be up for it. But then I'll feel guilty if I have a chipper over the weekend....but I'll get over it :o0
ott Posts: 3920
I'm having the other half of my frozen pizza from last night. I was in rotten form yesterday evening so there was no way I was cooking anything more substantial... I didn't even have the energy to "direct" DH in cooking something more substantial. Anyhow, I love cold pizza so I'm happy now.
sugarkk Posts: 1384
Am going to Bondiola - an Argentinian deli near work. They do the most amazing sandwiches in this fab fogorza (sp?) bread that is to die for! The speciality is chargrilled pork with a chimichurri sauce - I swear to god, this is to die for... I don't go there very often so I can't wait... 30 mins to go!!
lux Posts: 6270
Sushi-never get to meet OH when we're working as he works all over consulting but he's in town today so our fave sushi place is calling me!
Jawl Posts: 8881
Cajun Chicken Salad wrap and a fat free Danone Activia! In the zone :o)ll
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
I'm having a legendary lunch - pitta bread containing leftover chicken breast that I baked in honey, mustard, soy sauce and lemon juice. SOOOOOOOOO YUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMYYYYYYYYYY
LastRolo Posts: 6892
[quote="Jawl":1czi4pvk]Cajun Chicken Salad wrap and a fat free Danone Activia! In the zone :o)ll[/quote:1czi4pvk] SNAP! Will also be having a side salad with the wrap...
Penny Hill Posts: 1898
Pitta bread with smoked salmon :)
Jawl Posts: 8881
I had just regular plain old chicken on Tuesday, urrggggh in comparison :o0 There's a bit of a kick off the cajun so feel like I'm indulging in something tasty and nice. Which I am :o0
Anahita Posts: 1161
I love your will power Jawl! I put on 7lbs over Christmas and still can't say no!!! :o0 Leftover pizza is delish OTT!