What are you wearing to work?

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mrssunflower Posts: 3651
OK this has been done loads of times but I am going shopping next week for a new work wardrope and want to know what you all wear to work. I'm business casual so anything goes as long as its not see through or denim :o0 Can you tell me what you have and links or pictures if you have them (I don't ask for much do I?) I'm also on a budget :o0 I just haven't a fecking clue about fashion
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Black,Navy or grey trousers ive got a few pairs of all three colours !! Pennys does them for 6euro In winter i wear jumpers or shirts with wastcoats or cardigans !!! Ive got kids to get ready in the mornings so i tend to stick to dark colours and little flat dolly shoes from pennys or Dunnes they cost around 4euro and come in loads of colours handy for running around i tend to leave the heels for when ive got a meeting !!! New look and awear would be the main two shops that i buy my work tops from heres a few i like !!! Heres a few pieces from new look that i like [img:mcvo0jyd]http://image.packshot.com/isp/erez?src=NLW/199534050.tif&tmp=newlook_prodStandard&clipcolor=FFFFFF[/img:mcvo0jyd] [img:mcvo0jyd]http://image.packshot.com/isp/erez?src=NLW/202984110.tif&tmp=newlook_prodStandard&clipcolor=FFFFFF[/img:mcvo0jyd] [img:mcvo0jyd]http://image.packshot.com/isp/erez?src=NLW/199296201.tif&tmp=newlook_prodStandard&clipcolor=FFFFFF[/img:mcvo0jyd] Love this jacket i have one like it and wear it with a plain vest top and a long chin !! [img:mcvo0jyd]http://image.packshot.com/isp/erez?src=NLW/201842301.tif&tmp=newlook_prodStandard&clipcolor=FFFFFF[/img:mcvo0jyd] Awear also have some nice pieces [img:mcvo0jyd]http://www.awear.com/content/ebiz/awear/invt/10202184/10202184_Black_search.jpg[/img:mcvo0jyd] [img:mcvo0jyd]http://www.awear.com/content/ebiz/awear/invt/10800855/10800855_Denim_search.jpg[/img:mcvo0jyd] Hope this helps a little !!!
gillette Posts: 1803
I remember when I first started lurking on woll :-8 , instead of a Friday quiz, everyone would describe what they were wearing. I think rock&roll bride used to start it but I may be wrong. I'm a big one for dresses at work - no worrying about matching tops and bottoms (altho I throw a cardigan over short sleeve ones) and you can go out in them after work and not feel like you are still in work clothes. Plus they are forgiving which is good if you've been a lazy *ss after your wedding and eaten all round you........
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
I wear so many diff thing to work....today for instance Im in jeans, white t-shirt with a b&w cardi,timberland boots (covered in dust as I was on site today) other days in dress & jacket suits (love Jasper Conran)if Im meeting a client, on general days I wear black pencil skirts & shirts
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Thanks Doll Face! Love the red shirt! My boobs are huge so I the frills might to too much for me but I'll look for one without them. Gilette Im normally in long tops and leggings because it is really handy not have to pair off bottoms and tops! I thought I was the only one who thought this ha ha. Then when I've worn out my going out dresses or had too many photos on facebook wearing them then I start wearing them to work. I just find it so hard to walk into a shop and pick out somthing to wear unless I've already got an idea in my head of what I want! Rubyrose what do you do? I've visions of you on a building site with a hard hat then all jazzed up for a meeting in the office!
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
Im a commercial Interior Designer/Architect, spend alot of time on building sites (with my hard hat :o0 ) making sure my designs are executed right, other days im in my office at a computer or meeting clients in restaurants etc.
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Generally I wear jeans, boots and a tee with a cardi. If I have client meetings I'll wear a suit. Today I have on a grey / pink pinstripe suit from Penneys, little striped shirt and a pink jumper. Really should make more of an effort on non-meeting days. I'm in a bit of a clothes slump!
I mostly wear dresses from either h&m or Zara. Somedays I wear a nice jumpsuit or some nice trousers and a top. We have about 50 in our office and I always get voted Best Dressed :heartbeat:
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I have always said that I wanna update my work wardrobe as its so boring, but I never have the money to. Today I'm in grey trousers (tesco), black pomps (tesco) and a pink v neck jumper (pennys - its shapeless and all bobbles) - :zzzz: I know its not very exciting, but its a small office, in a small town - My boss made loadsa comments the first day I wore a skirt (well below the knee) and tights, and again at the beginning of the summer when i wore a long skirt and sandles... if I came in wearing a jumpsuit I think people would take a heart attack. :hyper:
Were they nice comments your boss made, LastRolo? Maybe you should try a skirt more often.